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4 Pics 1 Wrong

Loie Favre

You're already a fan of 4 Pics 1 Word and get excited just hearing the name? Then try 4 Pics 1 Wrong. These two games are very similar, but with this one you will be provided with 4 photos and need to find one to exclude. Whether 4 Pics 1 Wrong can make you as happy as the original will be exposed in today's app test review.

4 ★★★★


Tested version Latest version
1.02 1.02

Features & Use

When you open the app, a map will appear showing all of the levels. In the menu, you can buy diamonds and trade them for lives in the shop. Pressing ''back'' will bring you out of the game. There's a bar where the numbers of lives is shown as well as diamonds and your level. Once in a while, you'll get some ads and these work as links to the Google Play Store. How far you've reached in the game will be marked, but in my case it was never at the right spot. There are 14 different levels, each divided into various tasks. At the beginning you start with 8 lives. By tapping on your position, 4 images will appear: one doesn't match the other 3. You have to chose an image, tap on it and you find out if your presumption was right!

If your answer is correct, an explanation appears which is often much different than expected. It's for that reason that the game isn't actually that easy. If you've chosen the wrong image, "wrong" is displayed and you lose a life. Once you've lost all of your lives, there are few ways to get them back:

  • buy lives with diamonds
  • buy diamonds and use them to get lives
  • watch an ad video
  • Wait a certain amount of time

The waiting time and number of lives varies all the time. I once got 1 life, then the next time 3 and another time 8. With each correct guess, you'll get a diamond that are needed to get to the next level. The game is divided into 3 different parts: 6 levels, then another 6 levels and then at the end 2 boss levels.

The 4 Pics 1 Wrong app is very simple. The game is good and does require a little bit of knowledge. There were just a few bad aspects: the videos to win extra lives didn't play that often. It would pop up from time to time. The levels that I already passed couldn't be repeated. This means that once you have played through the game, you can not play it again. Unlike 4 Pics 1 Word, you're able to pass a level a lot easier because there are only 4 answer choices to choose from.

Screen & Controls

The graphics in 4 Pics 1 Wrong were good and clear on the screen. This game can be used quite easily by most. The downside is that when your current location is shown on a map, it's never 100% accurate.

Speed & Stability

4 Pics 1 Wrong worked smoothly and didn’t crash during the test.

Price/Performance Ratio

4 Pics 1 Wrong is available for free in the Play Store. It’s a simple game that is fun and asks for a certain level of knowledge. There are no serious problems with this game so give it a try.


4 Pics 1 Wrong 4 Pics 1 Wrong 4 Pics 1 Wrong

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