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5 Reasons Why the Galaxy Tab 3 Is the Worst Tablet of the Year

Steven Blum
galaxy tab three
Ugh. / © Samsung

Samsung has just announced the Galaxy Tab 3. The tablet isn't likely to win any awards for speed, design or display. What we've got here is a ho-hum plastic tablet with last year's specs. In short: it's a pathetic effort by Samsung to dupe unwitting consumers into buying something new that's actually quite old.

It doesn't make sense why it even exists, given that the Galaxy Note 8 has a far better display and camera and comes with stylus-enhanced apps. Likely, Samsung is trying to compete with the Nexus 7s and Kindle Fires out there, but I doubt they'll be successful.

Here are all the reasons why the Galaxy Tab 3 absolutely blows:

1. Its screen sucks:

The Tab 3 has a 7-inch, 1024 x 600 display (whaa?) with a PPI of just 169 pixels per square inch (PPI).  In case you were wondering, that's worse than the Nexus 7's 1280 x 800 display, which has a pixel density of 216ppi, and was released almost a year ago. 

2. Its processor is slow:

The Galaxy Tab 3 features a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor. That's about as fast as a Galaxy S2. It's 2013! What were you thinking, Samsung? This processor is almost TWO YEARS OLD.

3. Its design is crappy:

Oh wow, a white plastic case with a home button. It looks like Samsung spent maybe .4 seconds thinking up this design. 

4. Its camera is terrible:

The Galaxy Tab 3 features a 3MP camera. In contrast, the Galaxy S4 has a 13MP camera. You're not going to be able to take good photos with this tablet.

5. It's not even running the newest version of Android:

The Galaxy Tab 3 is running Android 4.1, which is pathetic in this day and age. 

In conclusion:

I pity the fool that buys a Galaxy Tab 3. It better cost $99 or it shouldn't exist.

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  • Q Fernandez Feb 10, 2014 Link

    I have a tab 3 and it is THE WORST.TABLET.EVER. My Nook2Droid modded Nook Color runs at a faster pace than my Samsung Tab 3.

    I'm surprised that one of the reasons included in the "why this tablet stinks" isn't the lack of support for external memory. Sure, you COULD click on a 64 GB card, but try to move your apps to the card. You can't!

    Most insulting about this tablet is how Samsungs bloatware leaves you with less than 4 GB of internal memory, and NO WAY of shifting your apps to the SD card. This means that with 3 downloaded movies, your whole system is slowed down and won't work properly. 3 movies is all it takes.

    NO, those apps can't be moved. NO, you can't do a work around. NO, you can't root the tablet. You CAN, however, give someone else your money.

    Ironically, the tab 3 8.0 and 10.1 run android 4.2, which allows for app2sd to function. The LITE that just came out allows for App2sd to function. But the tab 3 7.0? It's an overpriced papeweight made by fools who know little about paperweights.

    Don't waste your money. This tablet is AWFUL.

  • Keith Povall May 4, 2013 Link

    I have a tab 2 / 7 and the cam is pathetic on that too. Not that impressed with the device all told. Certainly would think twice before getting another tablet

  • David Baron May 2, 2013 Link

    Maybe if it is really inexpensive ... not a horrible piece of hardware, question is price.

    BTW, in my day (maybe I show my advanced age), "sucks" was an expletive and such language, becoming increasing overused, has no place in a professional forum.

  • stan johnson May 2, 2013 Link

    Which one is the best then?

  • Anon Moose May 1, 2013 Link

    Quality reviews as always! I'm glad to know that last year's specs at bargain prices suck, regardless of what the user might actually need.

    Maybe you''d like to run a performance comparison between the Tab3 and some 8.5x11" paper with a pen?

  • bits Apr 30, 2013 Link

    Dear Mister Blum, Wanna also throw in some tests/ reviews, about the ONDA V972/973 Tablets,

    yours sincerely Bits


  • Mohamed Abdo Apr 29, 2013 Link

    yes it can Reply: Frank Bouwens

  • Frank Bouwens Apr 29, 2013 Link

    It looks like a bigger-than-normal phone. Can it make phone-calls?