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Animals vs. zombies full

Yan Matusevich

Fauna and flora are terms that go hand in hand. Is it because they are both related to nature? Nope, guess again. The one and only thing that brings animals and plants together is the common fight against zombies. In the wake of the insanely popular Plants vs. Zombies, it’s now up to the animal kingdom to battle it out with the evil and repulsive zombies.

Find out if Animals vs. zombies full is as thrilling as the battle of the plants in today’s review.


2 ★★☆☆☆


Tested version Latest version
1.14 1.15

Features & Use

Animals vs. zombies full is a tower defense game at heart. Encroaching armies of a mixed group of zombies are threatening to take over your zoo filled with exotic animals. Obviously, these animals aren’t about to give up without and use every method at their disposal to break down the enemy lines.

And, of course, these animals are of a very special kind. Instead of using their fangs and claws, these bad boys can shoot arrows, fire balls and other dangerous objects. This is virtually the exact set-up as in Plants vs. Zombies. As you can see the resemblance is less than coincidental.

The main menu at start-up is made up of just two buttons: the credits and a play button. I’m a fan of simple and minimal layouts, but Animals vs. zombies full takes the concept a step too far. There are basically no options, no settings and absolutely no selection. I know this may sound harsh, but there is just no excuse for failing to provide options and a multiplayer mode, especially when the app costs 2 euros. Adjusting the graphics can only be done during playtime. One question: why?

After clicking on play, you have the choice between a normal game and the hardcore version. There is also a shop in the game full of upgrades and extra goodies that can be acquired with the animal feed earned in the game. Now that’s a really great addition to the game and is a sign that the developers did more than just make a copy of Plants vs. Zombies.

Another great aspect of the game is the fact that you can upgrade the animals while playing. A regular rabbit can change into a dark rabbits with quicker shooting capabilities or transform into a powerful hedgehog that can mow down entire groupings of the undead.

These are all things that make you want to give Animals vs. zombies full another chance despite all of the drawbacks and problems. Combining the upgrade system from tower defense games with Plants vs. Zombies makes for a good combination.

But despite a couple of good ideas, your average Joe Android player will be scared away by the games glaring deficiencies. It all starts with a visual layout that is painful to the eye. On top of that, there is no game pot or story to go along with the in-game action. You’re basically thrown into the game without any knowledge about the different types of zombies and animals available.

These are some negative aspects of the game that really stand out, but there are also the game also has some serious omissions: no multiplayer option, limited sound and monotonous background music.

Bottom Line:

Animals vs. zombies full fails to be the expectations it sets up with its name. What looks to be a continuation of the famous Plants vs. Zombies brand, is actually not more than a wannabe. Even if the developers didn’t have the means to create a truly awesome game, they shouldn’t have picked a name so similar to the original Android masterpiece.

Yeah, the hardcore mode is pretty fun, but the lack of integration with social networks, tutorial, background story and options outweighs the game’s entertainment value.

So I am left no option except to rate Animals vs. Zombies with just two stars. The game is still way to raw and uneven around the edges to deserve a good rating. Clearly, the game has potential, but the developers still have a long way to go. It’s still worth giving the game a try, especially if you’re a fan of the genre.

As a side note: I would give Plants vs. Zombies a rating of 4 stars if it were available on the Market.

Screen & Controls

Animals vs. zombies full doesn’t exactly shine in this category. It’s obvious that there isn’t a big team of professionals in the graphics department. Everything looks a bit dodgy and is anything but elegant.

The menus aren’t exactly pretty, the animals and zombies seem a bit strange and the animations are not up to par.

Despite all the drawbacks, the entire game has a common visual theme. It’s kind of like World of Warcraft: the graphics aren’t great, but the game still makes a good impression.

On the bright side, Animals vs. zombies full has really good controls. Although, you constantly have to click one a filed to move your animal (drag & drop would have been a better option) there were never any problems with the controls.


Speed & Stability

Animals vs. zombies full runs perfectly and without any crashes.


Price/Performance Ratio

Animals vs. zombies full is available for 2€ from the AndroidPIT App Center. 



Animals vs. zombies full Animals vs. zombies full Animals vs. zombies full Animals vs. zombies full Animals vs. zombies full

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