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  • Description

    QQ浏览器是一款速度最快、稳定性最强、最省流量的浏览器。 自研X5内核,搭建html5完美舞台,速度全面领先。 内容丰富,小说、视频、资讯、漫画、游戏、购物应有尽有。 界面清爽、功能丰富,是一款为您量身打造的高品质浏览工具。 产品特色: 性能最好:X5内核,速度提升50%以上,稳定性最强,带给您极速、流畅、稳定的上网体验; 最省流量:全方位替您节省流量,最高节省56%!月底不愁; 最安全:集成腾讯安全管家安全检测,为网页浏览和购物支付、文件下载保驾护航。 视频播霸: ...Read more

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App Details

  • GRÖSSE: 12,582,912
  • INSTALLATIONS: 1,000,000 - 5,000,000
  • Permissions
    • prevent phone from sleeping
      Allows an application to prevent the phone from going to sleep.
    • change Wi-Fi state
      Allows an application to connect to and disconnect from Wi-Fi access points, and to make changes to configured Wi-Fi networks.
    • retrieve running applications
      Allows application to retrieve information about currently and recently running tasks. May allow malicious applications to discover private information about other applications.
    • measure application storage space
      Allows an application to retrieve code, data, and cache sizes
    • restart other applications
      Allows an application to forcibly restart other applications.
    • display system-level alerts
      Allows an application to show system alert windows. Malicious applications can take over the entire screen of the phone.
    • send sticky broadcast
      Allows an application to send sticky broadcasts, which remain after the broadcast ends. Malicious applications can make the phone slow or unstable by causing it to use too much memory.
    • modify global system settings
      Allows an application to modify the systemʼs settings data. Malicious applications can corrupt your systemʼs configuration.
    • mount and unmount filesystems
      Allows the application to mount and unmount filesystems for removable storage.
    • expand/collapse status bar
      Allows application to expand or collapse the status bar.
    • change network connectivity
      Allows an application to change the status of network connectivity.
    • bluetooth management
      Allows an application to configure the local Bluetooth phone, and to discover and pair with remote devices.
    • read sync settings
      Allows an application to read the sync settings, such as whether sync is enabled for contacts.
    • write sync settings
      Allows an application to modify the sync settings, such as whether sync is enabled for contacts.
    • automatically start at boot
      Allows an application to have itself started as soon as the system has finished booting. This can make it take longer to start the phone and allow the application to slow down overall performance of the phone by constantly running.
    • disable keylock
      Allows an application to disable the keylock and any associated password security. A legitimate example of this is the phone disabling the keylock when receiving an incoming phone call, then re-enabling the keylock when the call is finished.
    • coarse (network-based) location
      Access coarse location sources such as the cellular network database to determine an approximate phone location, where available. Malicious applications can use this to determine approximately where you are.
    • fine (GPS) location
      Access fine location sources such as the Global Positioning System on the phone, where available. Malicious applications can use this to determine where you are, and may consume additional battery power.
    • access extra location provider commands
      Access extra location provider commands. Malicious applications could use this to interfere with the operation of the GPS or other location sources.
    • view Wi-Fi state
      Allows an application to view the information about the state of Wi-Fi.
    • view network state
      Allows an application to view the state of all networks.
    • full Internet access
      Allows an application to create network sockets.
    • create Bluetooth connections
      Allows an application to view configuration of the local Bluetooth phone, and to make and accept connections with paired devices.
    • read phone state and identity
      Allows the application to access the phone features of the device. An application with this permission can determine the phone number and serial number of this phone, whether a call is active, the number that call is connected to, ect.
    • control vibrator
      Allows the application to control the vibrator.
    • take pictures
      Allows application to take pictures with the camera. This allows the application at any time to collect images the camera is seeing.
    • control flashlight
      Allows the application to control the flashlight.
    • record audio
      Allows application to access the audio record path.
    • change your audio settings
      Allows application to modify global audio settings such as volume and routing.
    • modify/delete SD card contents
      Allows an application to write to the SD card.
    • directly call phone numbers
      Allows the application to call phone numbers without your intervention. Malicious applications may cause unexpected calls on your phone bill. Note that this does not allow the application to call emergency numbers.
    • send SMS messages
      Allows application to send SMS messages. Malicious applications may cost you money by sending messages without your confirmation.
    • read contact data
      Allows an application to read all of the contact (address) data stored on your phone. Malicious applications can use this to send your data to other people.
    • read SMS or MMS
      Allows application to read SMS messages stored on your phone or SIM card. Malicious applications may read your confidential messages.
    • edit SMS or MMS
      Allows application to write to SMS messages stored on your phone or SIM card. Malicious applications may delete your messages.
    • com.tencent.mtt.broadcast
    • android.permission.KILL_BACKGROUND_PROCESSES
    • com.android.launcher.permission.READ_SETTINGS
    • com.htc.launcher.permission.READ_SETTINGS
    • com.nd.android.launcher.permission.READ_SETTINGS
    • com.lge.launcher.permission.READ_SETTINGS
    • com.fede.launcher.permission.READ_SETTINGS
    • org.adw.launcher.permission.READ_SETTINGS
    • org.adwfreak.launcher.permission.READ_SETTINGS
    • org.adw.launcher_donut.permission.READ_SETTINGS
    • com.tencent.qqlauncher.permission.READ_SETTINGS
    • com.android.mylauncher.permission.READ_SETTINGS
    • com.huawei.launcher2.permission.READ_SETTINGS
    • net.qihoo.launcher.permission.READ_SETTINGS
    • com.dianxinos.dxhome.permission.READ_SETTINGS
    • com.huawei.android.launcher.permission.READ_SETTINGS
    • com.qihoo360.launcher.permission.READ_SETTINGS
    • com.oppo.launcher.permission.READ_SETTINGS
    • com.ztemt.launcher.permission.READ_SETTINGS
    • com.android.launcher3.permission.READ_SETTINGS
    • com.android.launcher.permission.INSTALL_SHORTCUT
    • com.android.alarm.permission.SET_ALARM
    • com.android.ContactWidget.permission.READ_SETTINGS
    • com.android.ContactWidget.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS
    • android.permission.INTERACT_ACROSS_USERS
    • android.permission.INTERACT_ACROSS_USERS_FULL
    • android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
    • android.permission.READ_CALL_LOG