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Best Android games: what you should be playing in 2015

Scott Adam Gordon

The best games on Android is an oft-discussed topic. The Play Store is home to a near-endless list of titles, far too many for just one person to investigate. That's why we at AndroidPIT have compiled a list of the best Android games to help you decide which ones to download. Here you can explore the various game genres and find all the best titles to install on your Android phone or tablet in 2015. Let's get started!  

androidpit plants vs zombies 2 teaser
What are the best Android games available in the Play Store? Plants vs Zombies 2 has to be one of them! / © ANDROIDPIT

New Android games this month

Every single month we'll bring you scorching hot new games, plucked from the undiscovered depths of Play Store obscurity, so you always stay on the cutting edge of what's worth playing on your Android smartphone. Be the one to tell your friends what's worth playing right now.

Best offline games

Our current favorite: Ridiculous Fishing is easily our favorite offline Android game. Mostly because it doesn't just stop at fishing for fish, but also blasting them with a whole arsenal of weaponry. No one ever said the fish had to get on your place in one piece, so bazookas are totally legitimate fishing tackle too. Cast away.

androidpit ridiculous fishing
It's like shooting fish in a barrel. But the barrel is the sky... / © Vlambeer / ANDROIDPIT

If you find yourself almost out of your data allowance or facing a long trip where you need to conserve battery life, offline games are a must-have in your games repertoire. Take a look at our roundup of the best Android offline games to keep on your phone for those ''no internet'' fun times.

Best fighting games

Our current favorite: We've been playing Blood and Glory: Legend for months and months and it's still our top pick for fighting games. Who hasn't imagined themselves as a gladiator fighting to the death in a variety of arenas? Pretty much anyone that ever saw Russel Crowe do his thing in Gladiator, that's who. Blood and Glory: Legend gives you that chance. 

Blood and Glory: Legend even lets you fight giants. C'mon! Who doesn't want to do that! © ANDROIDPIT

If you're not a Russel Crowe fan that's OK, because there are heaps and heaps of excellent fighting games to sink your teeth, fists and knees into. We've gone bare-knuckle on the best the Play Store has to offer and have crowned those titles worth fighting for. See what you're made of.

Best hunting games

Our current favorite: We just can't go past Deer Hunter 2014 for realism, skill, and sheer playability. What may seem like an easy task: to stalk, target and bag a prey is much harder than you think. Deer Hunter 2014 will put all your skills to the test as you try to fill your trophy wall with big game.

androidpit deer hunter 2014 3
You can equip yourself with hunting gear, like binoculars, an infrared sensor, scent and camo! / © ANDROIDPIT

If big game isn't exactly your style, you can hunt pretty much anything on Android: ducks, zombies, dinosaurs, people, you name it, it's got a target on its back. Set your scope on our list of the all-time best hunting games on Android, exhale slowly and gently squeeze the trigger.

Best strategy games

Our current favorite: XCOM: Enemy Within is one of the best Android strategy games because it wasn't founded on free-to-play principles like many other popular strategy games from the Play Store. It was built to be enjoyed fully without any additional purchases.

This was an award-winning strategy title for PC long before it ever made its way to Android, so expect top-end graphics, but also a top-end Play Store price. We can assure you it is well worth the initial investment, though. 

andrdoidpit xcom enemy within teaser 2
XCOM: Enemy Within offers a deep turn-based strategy experience like no other. / © ANDROIDPIT

There are plenty more awesome strategy games hiding in the Play Store for fans of every genre, style or look. To save you the hassle of having to sift through them all yourselves, we've done the hard work for you. Check our our top picks and share your favorites in the comments below.

Best puzzle games

Our current favorite: One of the best Android puzzle games of all time is Monument Valley, highlighted on the Google Play Store as one of the best of 2014 and sitting at the top of basically every ''must play'' list of last year. For painterly beauty, mind-bending architectural geometry (think MC Escher), and clever puzzles that only get more difficult, be sure to check it out.

monument valley
Monument Valley is one of the best puzzle games on Android. / © ANDROIDPIT

If you're after some other great puzzle games for Android, there's plenty to choose from. They're great for your morning commute, waiting at the Dr's office, or when you get dragged along shopping by your girlfriend. Sometimes brainless fun, and other times more complicated than you would think, puzzle games are just as essential as your phone itself. Check our our other favorites.

Best racing games

Our current favorite: Asphalt 8: Airborne is one of the best Android racing games because it contains slick graphics combined with high-octane gameplay. Asphalt 8's focus is not on realism, but on lightning fast races in a variety of exotic locations, complete with stunts, boosts, car upgrades and more. It's a fantastic free-to-play racing experience, and one of the best on Android. 

androidpit racing games teaser
Asphalt 8's focus is not on realism, but on jumps, stunts and boosts as you race to victory..  / © ANDROIDPIT

Speed freaks looking for other new titles can rest easy as their eyeballs pop out and their nerves fray with our roundup of the very best racing games on Android. Sit back, strap in and enjoy the white-knuckle action. 3...2...1...GO!

Best classic arcade games

Our current favorite: One of the best classic arcade style games for Android that we've seen is VVVVVV. It's an old-school gravity-defying platformer of sorts, where your character navigates each screen by literally climbing the walls and walking on the ceiling. What it lacks in graphics, it makes up for in awesome.This is just one of the examples of our list of the best classic arcade games, which are great for passing the time and often tests your control skills more than any other genres! Take a look at our list.

android vvvvvv
VVVVVV is one of the best arcade games on Android. / © ANDROIDPIT/ Terry Cavanagh

This is just one of the fun examples on our list of the best classic arcade games, which are great for passing the time and often tests your control skills more than any other genres. When your parents tell you that today's games have got nothing on the games of their era, you can find out for yourself. Grab your dad and check out our list.

Best card games

Our current favorite: Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft is fairly new on the Android scene, but it's easily one of the best Android card games around. From the guys who brought you World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and the Diablo series, comes a fantastically addictive virtual card game that's so very easy to learn, but so very hard to master. Win new cards, improve your deck, play against AI controlled opponents or human players and move up the ranks in this free-to-play classic. 

androidpit heroes of warcraft screen
If you're looking for great card games on Android, look no further than Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft. / © Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

Card games go a lot further than WoW-style games though. There's everything available from Solitaire to Poker games to everybody's favorite, UNO. If you feel like a slightly more quaint Android game, be sure to take a look at our best card games list.

Best endless runner games

Our current favorite: From our list of the best endless runner games, we've plucked out our all-time favorite: Subway Surfers. The game has you dodging objects for as long as you can as you step into the role of a graffiti artist who has got the fuzz hot on his heels. Along the way, you collect power ups and coins, fly in the air and even ride a hoverboard. The game has great controls, awesome graphics and gameplay that will have you coming back for more and more. Just don't get caught. 

androidpit endless runner app teaser
Try out Subway Surfer or one of the best endless runner games on Android from our list. / © ANDROIDPIT

Android endless runner games are one of the coolest genres around, because they are so simple to pick up and so hard to put down. Awesome titles like like Temple Run or JetPack Joyride are known by everybody, but we've delved deeper and plucked out some truly undiscovered gems for your playing enjoyment.

Best action games

Our current favorite: The Walking Dead: Season One and The Walking Dead: Season Two, are our current favorite action games on Android. These disturbingly awesome point-and-click adventure games will keep you freaked out and entertained at the same time. Did we mention zombies?

androidpit the walking dead best game
The Walking Dead is the best kind of freaky there is. / © Telltale Games

Action games are one of the best genres on the Play Store, and there are so many good titles to choose from. So many that it's almost impossible to pluck out the best from the rest. But we've managed to do just that. Take a look at our picks for the best action games on Android.

The best of the rest

What do you think is the best Android game?

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    Magnetic Balls 3D Free
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    Slingshot Braves

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    boring.. always the same.

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    Banner saga, limbo, the silent age, and oddworld stranger wrath

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    Candy crush soda gd game but wanted to play subway surfer but it keeps saying usb or errors cant play dammmm miss that game of playing it.

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    I like "Candy crush soda",three mach puzzle game,also "Pick flower" puzzle game with distinctive idea.

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    I'd also add new game called "Perfect Shape" to this list. It's very interesting and addicting.

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    I came across Dark Light Valley (play store) a couple of days back and found it really unique and engaging at many levels. I have played many casual games but this one stood out on some key points such as visual style, artistry, gameplay itself and the randomation of levels. Music was kind of filmic but than again it really complimented the game play. The developer promised a beautiful journey to the players and I think the game lived up to it.

  • Mateusz Komorniczak 1 month ago Link

    For puzzle games you should also mention game called "Lucky Guess". If anyone is interested find it on PlayStore

  • John Donavan 1 month ago Link

    Android has even more games then the mentioned ones. More engaging more thrilling and more adventurous like Clash of Clans..

  • Madars 2 months ago Link

    all of this games are crapp!

  • Mohammed Subhan 2 months ago Link

    Plants vs Zombies

  • Lee 3 months ago Link

    Great article 👍 I'm currently playing 👉 Real Racing 3, Trials Frontier, FighterWing 2, Carp Fishing Simulator and I've just got the Bruce Lee game that's kick ass 🙏

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    Asphalt 8 Airborne

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