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Best Hunting Apps: Forget about Wabbits, it's Android Season!

Loie Favre

In light of the newly released game Deer Hunter 2014, it's easy to see that point and shoot hunting games and the simple thrill of target practice will always be popular sports, whether in real life or on your smartphone. Today we picked three hunting games which we find to be the best, offering a great ready, aim, fire experience all around. Whether shooting a deer, a dinosaur or a zombie duck, it doesn't really matter, as long as it's bang, bang, bang!

androidpit hunting android 1
Hunting the Android in its natural habitat...don't miss our GIF at the bottom of the article. © AndroidPIT

Deer Hunter 2014

Perhaps you've got stuffed animals around your house and enjoy practicing taxidermy or simply enjoy a nice target practice game? The new game from Glu Mobile, Deer Hunter 2014, is a complex and challenging game which sets you, the hunter, loose on animals from around the globe with an arsenal of weapons. With the choice of signing in with Google+ to share your achievements and compete on the leaderboard, you start out at an easy pace in the Pacific Northwest forest chasing deer, elk, timber wolves, wolverines and ducks, all of which aren't moving too fast. You start off with a rifle, and with the money from the kills, you're able to buy more artillery such as shotguns, assault rifles and pistols. Once you have them on hand, in exchange for money you can upgrade with new parts (barrel, muzzle, sight, ammo etc). There is, of course, in-app purchasing to get some extra dough or coins.

androidpit deer hunter 2014 3
You can equip yourself with hunting gear, like binoculars, an infrared sensor, scent and camo! / © AndroidPIT

You can then embark either on a hunting series or contract hunt where your objective is to kill a certain amount of a species, often with a shot to a specific body part. There's a lot of hunting equipment, including an infrared sensor for locating the lungs inside of the animal. The controls consist of moving side to side using the arrows on the screen, while zoom-in and shoot are buttons on either side of the screen allowing for comfortable and easy rapid fire. Once you've completed all trophy hunts in a series, which becomes increasingly difficult as the animals grow faster and further away and alarmed predators attack you, you can unlock North Africa, British Columbia and South Africa. All in all, Deer Hunter 2014 is sure to please any hunter hobbyists and those interested in some challenging target practice, thanks to its diversity, great and realistic graphics and awesome, yet challenging, gameplay.

androidpit deer hunt 2014 2
Whether you accept a contract hunt or embark on your hunting series, you need to collect a certain amount of trophies before heading to another world location.© AndroidPIT

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD

When starting up the app game, which is likely to make many grown men reminisce about their younger days of playing with little T-Rex and Triceratops dinosaur figurines, you'll be presented with four options in the main menu: Hunt, Survive, Trophy and more. Hunt throws you into various Jurassic age surroundings, each region fluctuating in difficulty. You choose the dinosaurs you'll hunt, each having different characteristics (dimensions, diet, sight, scent and hearing) and finally your desired weapons, many of which need to be unlocked with earned money. Extra bonuses such as a radar, cover scent, tranquilizer or camouflage will help you in stalking your prey.

androidpit carnivores dinosaur hunter 3
The game's HD graphics were awesome in creating a real-life Jurassic environment, plus all the cool dinos to see as well.© AndroidPIT

Once you've pressed hunt, which takes a few seconds to load, you're thrown into dino heaven where dragging your finger across the screen allows you to look around and using the joystick moves you around the prehistoric world, swiping up to jump. You can zoom-in with the binoculars icon and grab or put your weapon away by pressing the gun symbol. Tapping on the compass shows your and the dinosaurs’ location on the map.The dinos will run away, so you need to practice stealth, plus they are even quite quick from the get-go. Survival mode is where a Triceratops, Velociraptor or other deadly dino charges at you and you need to fire like crazy and Trophy shows all of your killed creatures in a type of cage giving you the opportunity to snap some pics and share with friends. Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt HD's graphics are pretty cool and realistic looking, while the game's physics are nicely done, giving you the feeling that you really are trekking through differents types of Jurassic landscapes.

androidpit carnivores dinosaur hunter 2
You can choose your guns, hunting gear and the dinos you would to hunt. Caution: many bite!  © AndroidPIT

Zombie Duck Hunt

If you loved the game Duck Hunt from your childhood, then this is a good reincarnation with a special twist: the ducks are eerie zombies. So this isn't the most serious game in our list, though it's a humorous addition and a darn good point and shoot game that is harder than it looks. First of all, you don't just tap on the ducks to kill them, you need to tilt your smartphone or tablet to move the target around and try to catch a duck in the cross hairs before pressing the trigger button: a difficult task. The flapping quacks of the undead start blinking red if they are on the screen for too long, and if you are too much of a slow-poke, you lose the game. The more killed ducks, the more points you will get.

androidpit zombie duck hunter 2
Do you feel like you're a kid again? This is a great re-make of the original. © AndroidPIT

Zombie Duck Hunt also offers some missions that you can challenge in order to gain more coins and XP points, these are basically achieved by killing increasing numbers of ducks, quails, geese, bats, dodos, vultures and other feathered creatures. The store is where you can exchange your winnings for new weapons. Zombie Duck Hunt requires some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it is pretty fun and I feel like I'm 10 again. As usual, you can share your duck hunting achievements via your social networks.

androidpit zombie duck hunter 3
You can challenge missions and try to get more coins and points in order to attain higher levels.© AndroidPIT

Some other games which I found to be quite fun were Dungeon Hunter 4 which is a super complex game of chasing dragons as well as Death Shooting-Hunt Leader, another point and shoot, target practice game in a war setting. Then there’s Contract Killer by Glu which has launched a whole series of this game, many of which involved killing zombies.

androidpit hunting android gif
 © AndroidPIT

Do you know of any other good hunting games to share with the other readers? Have you ever played any of the games above, and if so, what were your first impressions?