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Bombergeddon Premium – Bombs Away!

Jay O. (translation)

A fedora, a whip, treasure, pyramids, booby traps and a sprinkle of the undead roaming the earth; what does this equal? ... Indiana Jones, of course. Who doesn't love the ruggedly handsome, unassuming and somewhat geeky protagonist of the popular 1980s movies? If you're an Indy fan maybe you'll also get a kick out of Dakota Jackson, the hero of Bombergeddon Premium. Check out our review of this new adventure game for Android in today's review.

4 ★★★★


Tested version Latest version
1.0.4 1.3.6

Features & Use

Test device: LG Optimus Black
Android version: 2.3.4
Root: No
Modifications: None

Slip into the role of Dakota Jackson, a character whose name alone is indicative of the fact the he is largely based on another well know archaeologist/adventurer. Dakota's routine consists of slipping through labyrinths and fighting off hoards of guards and enemies, all the while minding not to fall into any traps. In short: Bombergeddon Premium is a fun ride, so hop aboard.

The app is about 28 Mb and can be moved to the SD card. All the required permissions make sense.

The gameplay is nice and simple and is a bit of an homage to the legendary Bomberman/Dynablaster games: basically, you have to help Dakota find ways out of labyrinths. Easier said than done, because along the way you'll have to deal with guards, mummies and other obstacles, both living and dead. Luckily, you've got a few bombs tucked away to help you get out of tight spots. Artifacts have to be collected as well as defended against throngs of enemies, and there are a few boss enemies to cope with, too (think: creepy pharaohs that will throw bombs your way).

There are seven different types of levels that present different challenges. The goal is usually just to eliminate all the enemies, but sometimes you will also be called on to find all the artifacts or defeat a boss before he makes it to the labyrinth's exit. Other times you'll find yourself in situations in which you have to escape sure death by sliding beneath a trap wall, or trying to find your way out of an invisible labyrinth. You'll also be asked to protect a skull/crystal or sum of money every now and then.

Five different worlds set the tone (each has its own graphics, elements and soundtrack):

  • Egypt
  • Babylon
  • Aztecs
  • China

Many adventures await, and in order to achieve all of your tasks you have an inventory at your disposal. Nose around in it and discover which bombs, shields, first aid kits and other gadgets are made available to you. Most objects have to be purchase with money which can be earned by defeating opponents, or else found randomly within the labyrinths.

A survival mode is also available if you're feeling in the mood to step up against hoards of enemies. They are after your precious diamond, and trying to protect it by fighting them off is a thrilling ride.

Check out and share high scores via Twitter or Facebook.

We're very impressed that Bombergeddon Premium is available in eight languages which can be selected in the app's main menu.

Bottom line:

Bombergeddon Premium is good fun, and that for hours on end. I got hooked to both the campaign and survival mode, both of which are big (over 80 levels in campaign).

The gameplay is simple, but Bombergeddon itself presents an exciting challenge and we give it a big thumbs up.


Screen & Controls

Bombergeddon Premium controls are very intuitive and easy to use. Navigate Dakota Jackson using the joypad, the right button serves to set up bombs. Keeping an eye on how many life points and financial resources Dakota has left is also nice and easy. I was pleased to note that all new elements and events are introduced and explained effectively, which makes for a very smooth and fast transition into the flow of the rest of the game.

As far as graphics go, they reminded me a lot of that Nintendo look and feel and are rather nicely done.


Speed & Stability

Bombergeddon Premium performs well overall and is very fluid and reliable. While there's no lagging, the game did freeze once out of the blue. I had to force close it in order to reboot the game, which is why I'm knocking off a star from the rating.


Price/Performance Ratio

Bombergeddon Premium costs 81 Euro Cents and can be downloaded from the App Center. In-app purchases are available within the game. A free version is also available, click here!

Stop press: As our app of the week Bombergeddon is available for only EUR 0.49 for a short time only.

(originally by Christopher W.)


Bombergeddon Premium – Bombs Away! Bombergeddon Premium – Bombs Away! Bombergeddon Premium – Bombs Away!

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