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Bomberman Dojo

Yan Matusevich

With all this World Cup madness all around, I felt like I needed something to distract me from the ups and downs of this tournament.

There’s nothing better than an old-school gaming classic to get your mind off of other things.

Back in the good old days, I’m sure most people enjoyed playing Bomberman on NES just as much as I did.

Bomberman Dojo by Hudson is a new version of the classic game that has made it to the Android world. Does Bomberman Dojo have what it takes to bring back nostalgia of the original or maybe even earn some new fans?

2 ★★☆☆☆


Tested version Latest version
1.0 1.1

Features & Use

This game is pretty easy to play. You’re in the role of a bomberman – a little guy that can plant bombs. With the help of these bombs you have to destroy your opponents without harming yourself – so watch out! Don’t allow your enemies to get close to you and make sure to save your own neck when planting a bomb so that you don’t lose important life points. Just like in the original, there are items you can collect along the way to increase your number of bomb, make your bomb’s explosion bigger and so on.

It’s great to see that the items and figures appear identical to the ones in the classic.

Throughout the different levels, it’s not always easy to reach your enemies. Sometimes you have to blow up walls standing in your way to progress in the level, although not all walls can be annihilated. Inside the actual walls, you’ll find much-needed items.

In the Android-version of Bomberman Dojo, you have the option of playing in either story mode (known as dojo mode) or training mode. You can also construct your own levels if you wish.
In story mode there are only 15 levels to play! What a shame! You receive points for every completed level, which are than entered into a ranking list.
In training mode you can replay completed levels in story mode and obtain better results.
Unfortunately, there is no multi-player feature in this game. I also couldn’t find a way to save my games in story mode, meaning that I had to restart everything from the very beginning.
I was disappointed by that fact that all of your extra lives are only valid for the level you are currently playing. As soon as you reach the next level, you start off again with just one life and are forced to go back to the beginning if you die.

Bottom Line:
This game is great for people suffering from acute nostalgia. For everyone else, this game will quickly get very boring. The amount of levels and features available is a complete joke. Back in the old-school video game days, we were used to having a plethora of different, challenging and highly entertaining games. A lot more effort needs to be put into the Android-version of this game if it wants to compete with the original classic Bomberman.

Screen & Controls

The screen is divided into two parts: a control panel on the left with relevant information and the actual playing area on the right. In the playing area you can see your Bomberman wrecking havoc. The graphics are really well-done and are very recognizable. You never get the feeling that the Android phone is too small for this game.

You can control your Bomberman with a virtual control pad located directly on the touch screen. I don’t know if it’s just me or if the programming on this game is a bit faulty, but I tended to have problems controlling the Bomberman. I kept on running in the opposite direction of what I was actually pressing. As I said, maybe I’m just too clumsy.
Bombs can be planted by pressing the trackball.

Bottom Line:
Graphics are top-notch, but the controls are still a bit rough around the edges.

Speed & Stability

On the HTC Desire the app ran smoothly and no problems were experienced. 


Price/Performance Ratio

 Bomberman Dojo can be downloaded for $4.99 from the Android Market. 

Too much money if you ask me!


Bomberman Dojo Bomberman Dojo Bomberman Dojo Bomberman Dojo

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