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Brothers In Arms® 2 Free+ – Shooter Games Forever

Jay O.

Shooter games are currently experiencing their Android platform heyday, though it goes without saying that shooter games are the most fun when played on a bigger screen. The game Brothers In Arms® 2 Free+ already exists for PC and consoles—so how does the Android version fare? We've tested the game out thoroughly for you, read on to find out what we think about it.

3 ★★★☆☆


Tested version Latest version
1.0.5 1.2.0b

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Nexus S
Android Version: 4.0.3
Root: None
Modifications: None

App details
Runs as of: Android 2.1
Apps2SD: Yes
Total size: Ca. 490 MB

• Hardware controls: vibration feature
• network communication: online mutliplayer mode
• Storage: the app requires additional data which needs to me stored
• Calls: the app recognises calls and pauses play mode
• Accounts: to enable in-game purchases
• System tools: deactivates standby mode for the time you are playing

A quick word re: permissions: they are all required for specific reasons, e.g. the app requires a WiFi connection in order to download the additional data.

A 3D shooter game with touchscreen controls—this is where opinions might differ. I had the opportunity to test Shadowgun on a Galaxy Note a little while ago: graphics were superb and controls were quite impressive, too. I will go into more details as to how Brothers In Arms® 2 Free+ scores in that category in the next section of this review. First off, let's take a look at what Brothers In Arms® 2 Free+ has to offer when it comes to storyline, gameplay, etc.

While Brothers In Arms® 2 Free+ is a full-blown shooter game, it can't compete with what's available for PC or consoles. That is to say that some of the levels are smaller, the same locations are used for several levels and all of the baddies look like they've sprung from a giant clone-producing machine. However, you have to keep in mind that Brothers In Arms® 2 Free+ is a game for mobile devices and thus simply can't compete with its big brothers out there. Plus, it offers about 50 different missions that are admittedly quite short but entertaining nonetheless. Not to mention a few goodies such as cut scenes, as well as weapons, armour, medi-kits and grenades that can be purchased from the shop. There's always enough money for ammunition and medi-kits, though you have to save up for more sophisticated weanponry.

The gameplay is all about offense/defense missions. The former consists of moving through a level, the latter of holding a position and defending it.
A few bumps along the otherwise relatively smooth Brothers In Arms® 2 Free+ road: it occurred a few times that I took aim at an opponent that was ever so slightly standing behind an obstacle, and the result was that I didn't hit them.

The atmosphere is pretty fun, despite a few small hiccups. Bullets whizzing through the air, trenches, planes rumbling through the skies above, grenades exploding—ah, what more could you ask for?

There's a multiplayer mode that's pretty good (considering that you're playing on a mobile device), but, again, there are a few small rain clouds in the otherwise sunny skies of war and debauchery. For instance, should you be killed by an opponent you may very well resurface right in front of said opponent.

Bottom line:
Brothers In Arms® 2 Free+
is a fun shooter game. A lot of things were done right and the overall atmosphere is engaging, despite a few hiccups.


Screen & Controls

The Brothers In Arms® 2 Free+ graphics are comparable to a Playstation 1 niveau but can hold their own to a design sensation such as Shadowgun. Controls are what you may have come to expect from a Gameloft game, that is to say they're good and sturdy and there are different layouts to choose from, even gyroscope. That said, controls are not always all that precise, and the gyroscope axis are inverted.

Speed & Stability

Brothers In Arms® 2 Free+ was tested on the Nexus S, probably one of the last tests we'll be doing on the device, seeing as our users seem more interested in tests on newer generation devices. But how does the app do on a singlecore Google device? The answer, fortunately, is good! I would compare the graphics to what you might see on a Playstation 1, and the app runs very smoothly indeed. What got my goat more than once are the tedious loading times: whether it's loading a level or waiting to pocket bonus coins—the screen can remain black for up to 10 seconds.

Price/Performance Ratio

Brothers In Arms® 2 Free+ is available for free from the Android Market, and that's with all of the games features and no ad banners! Amazeballs! That said, the developers earn a penny here or there by charging extra for bonus features such as more weapons or starting a level over again straight away. Rest assured that purchasing bonuses is in no way a prerequisite when it comes to playing and enjoying this game.


Brothers In Arms® 2 Free+  – Shooter Games Forever Brothers In Arms® 2 Free+  – Shooter Games Forever

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