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Cows Vs Aliens - A Barn-Full Of Fun

Yan Matusevich

Cows Vs Aliens may sound a lot like Cowboys vs. Aliens – Hollywood’s latest blockbuster, but the game actually has nothing to do with the movie. Keeping aliens out of your barn – that’s the basic idea behind this Android game.


3 ★★★☆☆


Tested version Latest version
1.0 1.2

Features & Use

The premise behind Cows Vs Aliens is simple: get all the cows back in the barn and make sure no aliens make their way inside. You have got to do all it takes to keep those miserable aliens off your property! Rounding up the cows and getting rid of the aliens is done with two fingers using multitouch on your screen. But what’s the actual point of this game? Why are aliens trying to abduct your cows? Unfortunately, the game doesn’t provide any answers. But, hey, it’s much more important to know how a game works rather than get the full game plot.

Now these aren’t just regular cows. There are the following types of cows in addition to the regular black and white ones:

  • Exploding Cows: They explode and kill all the aliens when inside a barn. But be extremely careful not to let these cows wonder around the field for too long or they can explode prematurely and annihilate your entire herd of cows.
  • Magical Cows: When a magical cow enters the barn it sucks in other cows along with it.
  • Clock-Cows: Add 60 seconds to the game clock.
  • Fat Cows: Block the barn entrance and needs to be shoved in to let other through.

Lo and behold, there are also several types of aliens! Time is of the essence with Cows Vs Aliens. The cows always come in waves and you have a limited amount of time to herd them all together. You can also trade in your game points for power ups. And – yeah, you guessed it – you can purchase these game points for real money. So what kind of power ups are out there?

  • Chicken: Gives you a time bonus.
  • Stampede: Starts off a stampede.
  • Cow Bell Magnet: Pulls all cows in the barn.
  • Force Field: Blocks aliens.
  • Anti-Alien Bomb: Destroys all aliens.

Bottom Line: Cows Vs Aliens is pretty repetitive, but still a lot of fun. The different cow types and power ups make the game interesting for long-term play with three different levels to choose from.


Screen & Controls

The whole comic book-like look and feel of Cows Vs Aliens is nice, but it's not exactly very original or eye-catching. The controls are more or less OK, but the main menu buttons could be just a tad bigger. 

Speed & Stability

Gamers rejoice: there were absolutely no stability or speed issues with Cows Vs Aliens. A entirely crash-free experience!

Price/Performance Ratio

Cows Vs Aliens is available for free from the Android Market. 


Cows Vs Aliens - A Barn-Full Of Fun Cows Vs Aliens - A Barn-Full Of Fun Cows Vs Aliens - A Barn-Full Of Fun Cows Vs Aliens - A Barn-Full Of Fun

Comparable Apps

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XMG Studio


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