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China Spooky Ghost stories

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5,000 - 10,000

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All of books in this application are free
Spooky Ghost stories – discovering the mysterious world of ghost and experience the terror fear!
★★★ if you believe in ghost, try your brave with the most awesome and attractive Ghost Stories collected from conners over the world ★★★
★★★ if not read them immediately and decide whether ghost exists or not ★★★
Spooky Ghost stories – visit the mysterious world of ghost and experience the fear so terrible that You must shout:”That would be horrifying!"
❥ “A dark house in an isolated land with no-electricity, invisible appearance of a ghost, and heavy-rain in the background, shrill cry of an owl or a black cat around”. It’s just the beginning of the fear that you will experience 10000 in Spooky Ghost stories.
❥By downloading this app, you hereby certify that you will bear the consequences for any terror, horror, nightmares, witch spells that cast upon you, ghost that inhabits your house or monsters that stick, choke or chase you, any devils that follow you around, any supernatural beings that possess or attack you. Therefore, prepare to enjoy the Ghost Stories!
❥Spooky Ghost stories – the special gift for people who are into strong impression!
• 短篇鬼故事: 讨债鬼; 不死人; 自私心魔; 鬼吹灯 作者:孟必真; 复活的幽灵; 鬼画符; 迷幻盗墓行; 怪谈; 午夜妖妃; 那抹诡异的笑; 死亡斗地主; 午夜妖妃; 怪谈; 迷幻盗墓行; 鬼画符; 复活的幽灵; 鬼吹灯 作者:孟必真; 自私心魔; 不要看我的脸; 真实鬼故事; 世界谜案之7号必死; 枉死; 网中人; 1千��1夜之怨灵的惩罚; 吸血鬼; 左手臂哪里去了; 白薇; 鬼上身 作者:小攸木木; 蹲在那里的人; 我不喝孟婆汤,我不要轮回; 幽冥水灯; 再见小雅; 穿越阴阳两界; 死不起; 黑色桃花; 手印; 月食;…
• 医院鬼故事: 救魂手术刀; 谁是嚼尸人; 灵魂出窍; 赫卡忒作者:叶聪灵赫卡忒作者:叶聪灵; 水瓶女婴作者:那片绿绿的爬山虎; 死痘作者:倪震死痘作者:倪震; 灵魂出窍作者:尸骸灵魂出窍作者:尸骸; 第层的停尸房作者:鬼鬼; 要帮我保密; 医院鬼话; 医院菊花盛开的那晚; 解剖实验室惊魂; 脑袋里面长眼睛; 医院里的千纸鹤; 感人的医院灵异事件; 半根手指!; 医院里面的外国人; 和死人接吻; 中医科的秘密; 婴灵(阴灵); 医院里面好多鬼; 死不瞑目的女尸; 迷情吸血鬼; 医院鬼故事|尸房夜话; 你能相信吗!; 她在嚼什么?; …
• 民间鬼故事: 山洞谜云; 紫檀衣橱; 房间里的人头; 实事怪谈录之咒怨; 背鬼渡河; 鬼蜡泪; 鬼墙心跳; 啃噬尸; 一张被幽灵纠缠的照片; 恶灵之鬼影实录4; 恶灵之鬼影实录3; 恶灵之鬼影实录2; 恶灵之鬼影实录1; 因果,,报应、; 家里有鬼(1720字); 幻声; 索衣; 白狐奇缘; 土地还是山鬼?; 荒村地窖里的老尸; 神秘当铺; 阴魅惊魂; 农村八大诡异事件合集; 苗寨鬼故事:心蛊; 苗寨鬼故事:虫蛊; 凶尸作者:半粒豆凶尸作者:半粒豆; 一尸两命作者:zxc; …
• 校园鬼故事: 不能说的秘密; 记得回家 作者:第柒天; 系鞋带 作者:第柒天; 死亡歌声 作者:第柒天 恐怖系数★★★★;隐形的拥抱 作者:第柒天; 火柴点燃地狱之门; 遗像背后; 男生宿舍闹鬼; 深夜在线电台心愿; QQ陷阱女鬼上身; 爱美女生化妆品慎用; 流言蜚语; 空间里的遗照; News午夜新闻; 染血的手纸; 红色小楼里的镜子; 网络恶鬼游戏; 死亡使者; 劈腿; 人鬼情缘之我的鬼女友; …
• 恐怖鬼故事: 红裙子; 背鬼渡河; 鬼蜡泪; 鬼墙心跳; 人形娃娃; 阴阳眼; 一张被幽灵纠缠的照片; 恶灵之鬼影实录4; 恶灵之鬼影实录3; 恶灵之鬼影实录2; 恶灵之鬼影实录1; 因果,,报应、; 老太太; 最新鬼故事 红衣女人; 《笔仙》; 住进我家的女尸; 防空洞魅影; 七夜怪谈 5; 我要你的脸; 学生寝室; 叫魂; 七夜怪谈 2; 凶稿; 半夜,请不要涂抹唇油; 孕尸; 要是你死了就好了; 八点钟索命; ・血色的洋娃娃2; ・血色的洋娃娃; ・大槐树9; …

• 灵异故事: 山村鬼事之歪脖子树; 先知托梦; 血染黑菊花; 守夜; 谁在呼唤你的名字; 灵魂互换之洋娃娃可可; 夕栖山101号; 假面与复仇; 假面与复仇(完结篇); 他家墙角,那个数钱的男人; 我的阴间之游; 石家庄灵异事件大汇集; 世界十大鬼船; 唐山大地震阴兵借道; 四盗墓贼离奇死亡; 浙江天台12天连死8名蔡姓孩子-13岁男孩被挂屋梁上离奇死亡后续; 灵魂的实证--相机拍摄到的灵异现象; 新加坡“庙里拍到古代孤魂”绘图员处理照片发现白影; 尼古拉斯新片遭诅咒 接连发生车祸等灵异事; ...

• Update continuously the best interesting attractive and terrifying Ghost Stories
• The simple and interface followed ghost style
Terrying background music
• The list arrangement follows Featured và Top Rate
• Search Ghost Storie according to authors’s names or keyword
• Review the history of readed tales
• Submit your own favourite Ghost Stories list
• Easy to navigate
• Adjust the letter’s font and size
• Ability to Rate online
• Add your own comment and experience Ghost Storie
• Share your favorite Ghost Stories via Twitter, Facebook and Email
• The ability to SMS Ghost Stories to whoever you want

• 10000 best Ghost Stories are continuously updated - quite FREE
• 33 categories – any taste for everyone:
• 20 Ghost Stories are updated every day and every week.
Spooky Ghost stories - the attractive app is for users who like strong impression! Download the app freely right now and discover the most terrible world!

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China Spooky Ghost stories
China Spooky Ghost stories

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