Douglas Carter Says Hi

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Apr 29, 2010 4:17:49 PM

Those of you that read the blog section of the website are familiar with my work, but I decided I would give you a more in-depth look into who I am.

I am 20 years old and I come from Indiana, but I currently live in Lichtenberg, Berlin. I did a 3 year practical regarding Television Production back in high school. I went to college in the US for Telecommunication before I came to Berlin, and I currently have my studies on hold. I like to fly planes, both in real life (working toward a pilot's license) and in simulators. I came to Berlin for my first visit in December 09 and haven't gone home yet. I take German classes for the eventual admission to a German university.

Internet and Computer Stuff:
I have an HTC Dream and a Macbook Pro that runs Leopard and Windows XP dual-booted. I would like to think that I am fairly technologically literate and I also do some graphic design in my free time. I also am experienced in Final Cut Pro and know my way around video cameras and digital cameras. I like to play FPS games (TF2, BF2, CSS, RO, HL2, BF2142, WiC, DODS, many many other) when I have spare time. Unfortunately for my online friends, free time is around less and less, especially now that summer is coming. I live on the 7th floor of an apartment building with a great view of the Fernsehturm and all of Berlin (great city) to the west.

Mar 27, 2011 8:11:12 PM

Hi Carter,
My name is mayilai. am from India. I have bought a LG optimus1 p500 smart phone, this is my first smart phone.I want to import pdf files into my phone and read it through aldiko reader.Is it possible? If yes,how can i do it?
Thank you.

Mar 31, 2011 3:24:09 PM

I am stepping back from my role as a blogger and moderator for AndroidPIT. I will still be here occasionally to check up on the place, but the other members of the AndroidPIT team will be filling the hole left by my absence. I hope to continue to see everyone around here in the future.