Samsung Galaxy Note — sim lock

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Aug 4, 2012 9:38:04 AM

Jacqueline Lee
I just bought USA version Samsung Note i717 ATT Carrier. Can someone please assist me with unlocking this phone? I am somewhat of a noob with cellphone.


well that's okay. a lot of people are not good with cell phones, but thank goodness there are also people out there that can help you.
like what was suggested, using this free app call galaxy s_unlock will work. just follow its instructions and it should be done.
If that doesn't work then you will have to do something call rooting. which basically means that you'll be able to do even more customization than you were able to before (this is just the very basic jist of what it means, there's definitely more to it, i'm just keeping it as simple as possible). With that being said, if you do root your phone then you will lose warranty on your phone unless you unroot your phone (which is a whole another thing all on its own).
If you go to xda-developers, there will be a ton of people that can help you.

I do recommend you to search on youtube and google as well as there are vlogers and channels that have made videos for such a thing.

The beauty of using an android is that most of the things you want to do to it you can do for free.
Feel free to pm me or other experts in this community to help if you really can't figure it out. I do want to emphasize that you need to do some homework on this first before doing it or asking for help. At least put some effort into it so that we know you at least tried and not just crying for help. I will ensure you that if i find out that you tried then i would help you to the best of my abilities, but if i can tell you didn't even put any effort into it, i wouldn't help you at all.

cheers, hope that helps.

Feb 7, 2013 10:24:50 AM

To unlock your Samsung Galaxy Note from AT&T network provider visit .Here they provide unlock code to unlock your phone.Afte unocking it you can use any other network on your same phone.