[APP][2.3.3+] CALL RECORDER!! The NEXT Generation!! ]FREE]

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Apr 10, 2013 9:56:07 AM

InCall Recorder (1.0)-Free

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Our advantages over other apps:

  • Two in one: Mp3 format calls Recording and high-quality tape recorder.
  • Choose when to start recording, save battery power and reduce size of the audio file. There is also a choice of automatically recording all conversations interactions unattended.
  • Quick start tape recorder creating high-quality audio.
  • InCall Recorder lets you manage all the audio files conveniently and efficiently.
  • You can choose where to place the recording start button.
  • To enjoy better audio quality than other competitors in the market, we added a patch filter for you to significantly improve the audio quality of the recording file.
  • You can play, share, or add a note to each call recorded.


  • • Two options in Call Recording mode: Manually select or automatically record all calls.
  • • Recording long periods of time create a small audio file: 1 hour recording = 7 Mb.
  • • Addition of equalizer to the Mp3 player to adjust and repair the audio file.
  • • Creating a new Mp3 file from existing one after repairing and removal of a specific section of your choice.
  • • Continue recording even during incoming waiting call and the transition to her, and identification of the two numbers in the recording file.
  • • Adding a comment to any recorded call.
  • • Send files using any sharing software (Whatsapp, Gmail, Dropbox, etc.).
  • • Select the recording start button placement or activate recording from notification bar (optional).
  • • Select the recording source: directly from the phone line or from the microphone (not supported on all devices).
  • • Add a contact from a recording of an unknown number.
  • • Use tape recorder audio files as ringtones or as notifications sounds.


cannot upload link so search for: InCall Recorder in Google Play!!!!!!!

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