Huawei Ascend P6 — Software Update for P6 / GPS issue

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Jul 20, 2013 9:03:59 PM

I have one of these (in black) and I'm totally sold on it. I haven't liked a 'phone so much since my HTC HD Mini.

There is a software update available for it at:

Sorry, I can't post the actual address, perhaps a moderator could correct it for me please?

This needs copying to an SD card then running the update app in the 'mgmt.' folder on the 'phone. The instructions (in a PDF inside the update zip file) tell you that all user data will be wiped as part of the update procedure, in my case this did not happen (phew!), but I can't say for certain you will not lose some information or some of your installed apps. I've no idea what this update contains, if anyone finds out please let me know.

I've come across one problem (before I did the update). If I've had my navigation app running (Co-Pilot Live) and I then close the nav-app and switch the 'phone to standby. When I try to start up the nav-app it won't find my location using GPS. At this point no other GPS enabled app will find my location either. As this happened on the hottest day of the year, I feared I'd cooked the 'phone in the car window! I tried re-booting the 'phone a few times, force closed Co-Pilot Live a few times, none of which worked. I got back to the hotel (we were trying to navigate from Birmingham centre in the evening rush hour when it first packed up!) and decided to switch the 'phone off completely to recharge it having visions of taking it back to the shop for a replacement. When I tried after the charge had completed, the GPS and Co-Pilot Live all worked correctly. After putting the 'phone to standby it again failed to locate me using GPS. I simply turned the 'phone off (long press on the power button then select 'Power Off'), waited for 30 seconds and powered the 'phone back on again. Again, it then worked correctly. Simple cure, once you know, but slightly inconvenient, though less inconvenient than returning a faulty 'phone.

It could be that this has been corrected in this software update, if not, I hope this helps someone.

With that minor niggle though, I think this is one of the best 'phones I've seen for a long time, I currently own an iPhone 5 and a Sony Xperia Z and think the P6 outshines both easily. I love the looks, the slim design and the default 'Brushed Aluminium' skin.

Huawei should be congratulated on this 'phone, it's a diamond.

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Jul 22, 2013 8:45:43 PM

Kris Carlon
Hi mkstevo, thanks for the heads up! I've modified the link in your post. Alternately, readers can visit the Huawei website, go to Support and search for P6. There you can access the firmware update along with the various language PDFs.

Thanks for that.

Aug 24, 2013 5:31:31 PM

I have a very similar GPS issue.
I purchased the P6 2 weeks ago.
It takes the GPS a long time (15 minutes) to get a fix on my location.
I have now upgraded to firmware b111 hoping it will help but it did not.

I have searched the internet to find more information and it seems that NEXUS users on JellyBean 4.2 had a similar issue that was eventually fixed by a firmware upgrade.
I have also found several complaints from P6 users suffering from long delay times until GPS gets a fix.

I have installed App called GPSTest on this P6 as well as on a different Andriod phone that I own.
holding both phones I activated the GPS and started the GPSTest App.
The App showed that the P6 is 'seeing' less GPS satellites and that the signal strength from the satellites is received as weaker on the P6.

I have sent a email to Huawei to notify them of the issue,
I urge anyone suffering from the same issue to do the same a post the Fault information on:

If any one knows how to fix it please post it.


Baseband version: IMC1202_PENTA
Kernel version: 3.0.8-00780-g62cb9564 android@localhost #1
Build number: P6-U06V100R001C00B111
Custom Version: CUSTC432D111

Jan 16, 2014 1:09:23 PM

I have a very similar GPS issue.
I purchased the P6 2 weeks ago.
It takes the GPS a long time (15 minutes) to get a fix on my location.
I have now upgraded to firmware b111 hoping it will help but it did not.

Hi Ziv ... i have nearly the identical problem with my P6 ... now one month old ... except even after waiting so long for to get a fix [sometime it never happens] ... it will not hold onto the sat signals for any length of time that would make the Google Maps Navigation App usable!!!

I noticed that there has been a post after yours by Karoly K citing that the issue can be fixed by downloading the 'leaked' b118 firmware ...

Can you tell me:
Did you manage to fix this problem?
Did you install b118 and if so did that cause any other issues?

I would really appreciate ur feedback as this problem is proving very annoying and most frustrating as i rely on GPS heavily!

Thanks in advance


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