General App Installation and Setup Help

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Aug 23, 2013 4:52:33 PM

Here we cover:
  • App size is too big
  • App didn't install directly to SD card
  • Exiting and/or closing an App
  • Clearing the Cache for a Google Play Store App
  • How to verify and update the firmware on your device
  • How to change the language
  • Clear App Data
  • Uninstall/Reinstall apps
  • Enabling password protection for purchases
  • Backing up saved game data

What happens if the App installation size is larger than expected?
Most Premium games will require more space and take longer to download and install than other apps lacking similarly advanced graphic and gameplay features. Make sure you have enough room, delete the cache on your other apps, move pics and videos to a Cloud service or purchase another microSD card if your device allows it. There is more than one way to save storage space.

The app failed to install directly to SD card! What to do?
If for any reason an app fails to install directly to the mounted SD card, it can still be moved from the device's internal storage to the SD card.

To do this on your Android device, select Menu from your home screen
  • Select Settings from the Menu > Applications.
  • Select Manage Applications > select the app to be moved.
  • Select 'Move to SD Card' to move the app from the phone to the mounted SD card.

Exiting or Closing an App
To exit or close most Android apps, select the Back or Home button. The Android OS manages its memory. Apps running or idling in the background will close if or when more memory or resources are required.

Clearing an App's Cache
Errors and other technical issues can often be improved by clearing an app's cache:

On your Android device, from the Home screen select Menu.
Select Settings from the Menu; navigate to and select Applications.
Select Manage applications; navigate to and select the app in question.
Tap on Clear Cache.

Clearing the cache from the Google Play Store App (Error Code 498, 941, 403)

On your Android device, from the Home screen select Menu.
Select Settings from the Menu; navigate to and select Applications.
Select Manage applications; navigate to and select Google Play Store.
Tap on Force close/stop; tap OK, if prompted.
Tap on Clear cache.

Clearing an App's Data
If clearing the cache does not resolve an error or technical issue, in some cases, it may be necessary to clear an app's data.

NOTE: All of the app's data will be deleted permanently. This includes all files, settings, accounts or profiles, etc.

  • On your Android device, from the Home screen select Menu.
  • Select Settings > select Applications.
  • Select Manage applications > select the app in question.
  • Tap on Clear Data.
  • Tap OK to confirm.

Verifying and updating system version and device firmware
Ensuring that your Android device is running the most up to date system version available for it will usually help resolve a variety of issues (click here for more info).

Verifying or changing the language setting
Some apps may not run properly if the Android device is not set to US English. To verify or change the language setting:

On your Android device, from the Home screen select Menu.
Select Menu > Settings > Language and keyboard.
Select Language > under Locale > English.

Reinstalling an App
Some issues can be resolved by uninstalling or removing the app and then reinstalling.

Uninstall the app (click here for more info).
  • Go to the Google Play store site > click on the My Android Apps link.
  • In the Other apps in my library section, locate the previously installed app to reinstall.
  • Select the Install option(s) next to the app.
  • The app should start downloading shortly afterwards; follow the prompts on the device to complete the installation.

The Google Play store system should recognize the transaction for the previously installed and/or purchased app; the app will be reinstalled without incurring additional charges.

ATTENTION: App purchases are tied to your Google account and can be installed an unlimited amount of times on any device. If you uninstall an app, you can reinstall it later at no charge by visiting My Android Apps in your Google play account. For more information, visit Google play support

Enabling password protection for purchases

Enabling password protection in the Google Play store app will provide an extra level of security and prevent any accidental or unauthorized app (or in-app) purchases from being made on your device.

Launch the Google Play Store app.
Select Menu, > tap Settings.
Under "User controls,> check the box next to Password > Use password to restrict purchases.

NOTE: Disabling password protection on your device may result in unauthorized purchases. You are strongly urged to keep password protection enabled if you have children or if others have access to your device. You assume responsibility for all charges made on your account.

Backing up saved game data
  • At this time, there is no supported method or app for backing up saved game data from an Android device. While there may be apps available to address this issue, Disney Mobile Games does not endorse or support the use of them.

Let us know if you have any other questions or if these worked for you! :girl:

Aug 26, 2013 7:52:15 PM

I'm new on here and tablets are new to me. I recently bought a Nexus 7 2012, Model ME370T. I read somewhere that you have to save your documents to google cloud and only then could you "print the document." Could someone please tell me if this is true and explain how one goes about this?


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Sep 17, 2013 2:30:02 PM

Thanks for the useful thread over here. It's quite more useful and informative. Got to learn many basic things from here.

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