Essential Android Accessories

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Sep 26, 2013 11:08:09 PM via App

jenny boys
Amy R.
Don't forget zap chargers (can't remember the actual name if it). Always use it when I go on long trips. It's convenient to be able to charge your device in 3 seconds rather than 4 hours. Do most of my battery draining on holiday.
sounds ideal,like where do I purchase one

Kris corrected me in an earier post. I purchased my Rapid Charger through my cell phone provider. Haven't look recently, but I also seen them in the the electronic stores where I live and When I bought mine, it was about $50-$65. A little pricey but well worth it. Mine is cheaply made and is a couple years old but it still works great. It wouldn't suprise me if they make them of much higher quality and efficiency by now.

My tablet gets a full charge in under 5 minutes (when charge is under 1/4 full). My phone gets a full charge in a minute to a minute and a half (when charge is under 1/8 full). Beats waiting for hours. USB compatibility does't seem to be an issue either. I've used it on my friend's devices (completely different USB setups) and it works fine on their's as well.

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Sep 26, 2013 11:08:38 PM via App

Curious, has anyone yet made a charging dock and USB hub for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1? I have seen them for older Samsung devices (for the most part galaxy phones).

-Always wanted to get one (if they even exist for what I own).

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Sep 27, 2013 9:30:57 PM via Website

Hey Kris, looked through the Samsung site a few months back and they were vague about the compatibility. The strangest thing was, when I tried to register my device, they stated the model I have doesn't exist in their system! Still states that now to and even submitted the correct information. They did have one dock on their site that was a charging dock and USB hub for galaxy phones. But I would hate to spend $60+ for one only to find out that it was completely incompatible (most likely is). Been dieing to find one. Would solve a lot of communication issues I've been having between my printer and tablet. Maybe if I'm real lucky, they will have one during the next distribution of 10.1 (if they even have the same size USB as mine).

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Oct 15, 2013 3:00:03 PM via Website

Here's another gadget of the week that deserves a spot on this list: the mini microSD reader for any phone with a microUSB port. Super easy and portable microSD card expansion for phones without microSD card expansion! Check out our review here.

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Oct 17, 2013 12:09:51 PM via Website

Add Du Battery saver too Android essential..... I've been using it for almost a year. :blink::blink:

Oct 23, 2013 8:32:59 AM via Website

Don't forget zap chargers (can't remember the actual name if it). Always use it when I go on long trips. It's convenient to be able to charge your device in 3 seconds rather than 4 hours. Do most of my battery draining on holiday.

Oct 23, 2013 10:11:43 AM via Website

you cannot charge your device in 3 Seconds and the Note 2/Note 3 chargergives 2000mA, when the Note 3 battery is empty, you wont charge 4 hours, but only
3200 mA * h / 2000 mA
1,6 hours or better 1 hour and 36 minutes...

@pjckmen BT Headphones can drive directly to hell, I dont know how much power they use but as a hardcore music nd Video user I dont want to have my Headphones everyday on the charger...

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Nov 1, 2013 4:01:50 PM via Website

Has anyone checked out Scentee? It's an attached device that sticks into your headphone jack, which you pack with a cartridge of a specific smell. This scent will be sprayed when you get a notification or your alarm goes off.

For example, it's 7 AM, your alarm starts and you smell some sizzling bacon and fresh coffee when your eyes are still shut! What a great incentive for getting up!

Or, you get a call from your girlfriend or boyfriend and a smell that reminds you of them gets sprayed. In fact, the sense of smell can be a powreful memory trigger!

Here are the scents and more to come:
rose, peppermint, cinnamon, bacon, coffee, curry, jasmine, ylang-ylang, lavender, apple, coconut, strawberry and corn soup. In addition, there is a special BBQ foods collection which offers fried spare ribs, beef tongue and a baked potato with melted butter.

Would you get this for your smartphone if it ever came to your country (and the price is right of course)?

Nov 1, 2013 10:04:18 PM via Website

well scentee is a bit weird and not really essential Loie in that case Kris is right, and this isnt really abuse, he is just having fun and shows that he cares in his own specific way...
Anyway Scentee is nothing for me as Music and Movie maniac, I need a free headphone plug. but do you know a good in-between adapter which brings Headset buttons to each and every headphones??? and please one that can be bought on germany with amazon and the likes...

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Nov 4, 2013 3:21:32 PM via Website

Haha, yes, for anyone who doesn't know, Philipp is absolutely correct: Loie and I have a lovely, antagonistic, affectionately abusive working relationship built around teasing/hazing/sarcasm. And in Loie's defense, as silly as I think Scentee is, I can imagine it selling like hot cakes perhaps in Japan. And Japan gave us Sony, so who am I to cast stones? I'll probably have a Scentee by Christmas (hint, hint, Loie...)

As for headphone hardware @Philipp, I'm not sure. Do you mean like a short extension cord for your headphones that has the Play/Pause/Skip physical buttons on it that you can then plug your regular headphones into? I don't have any experience with these, but I know Belkin and Sennheiser make them, and probably make very good ones. The other option is of course to buy headphones that already have the physical buttons on the cord. But that's no good if you have expensive headphones already that are just missing the buttons.

Nov 4, 2013 3:27:05 PM via Website

you exctly know what I mean, simply an in-between plug/mini-cable which has the Vol+, Vol- and Multi-button...
I dont have really expensive Headphones but most headphones (NOT the earplugs, I kinda hate them) I know dont have those buttons...

also can you link me those you mentioned?

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Nov 4, 2013 4:12:51 PM via Website

Hi Philipp, I just looked up a couple - as I said I have no experience personally. But if you Google ''inline remote control'' you should find plenty. Only problem is most of them seem to be for iPhones/iPods. I expect if you wandered into a Saturn or Media Markt you might be able to get some good info from a sales rep on what's available locally.

Here's a couple anyway:

Belkin - says it's only for iPods, so not sure if it would work with any smartphone or not.

Griffin - I had some iPod accessories by Griffin back in the day and they were good.

Just saw this one from Monster too which has a splitter included - again, says it's for iPhones but if you look around you might find a generic one for Android.

There's also iLuv - another iPhone/iPod remote, but that you can hack to work on Android. Here's the tutorial.

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