Samsung Galaxy S4 — Sprint Galaxy S4 on Ting Crashes when Data Connection Lost - Please Help

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Oct 25, 2013 9:46:06 PM


I have a Sprint Galaxy S4 on Ting Mobile. I have had it for about 3 weeks. On Wednesday, for the first time, my phone started into a crash loop while I was crossing the SF bay (low/no reception area).
I have gone through extensive trouble shooting and here is what I know.

1) The crash occurs if my mobile data connection is weak/no service.
2) It does not occur if I am on Wifi.
3) It does not occur in Safe mode.
4) I can actively cause the crash by selecting the option to "Restrict Background Data" and then turn off my Wifi. This will cause the crash 100% of the time almost immediately after I turn off the wifi.
5) The crash still occurs after deleting all 3rd party apps.
6) The crash still occurs after doing a Hard Reset to reset the device to factory settings.

Does anyone have any thoughts? Is this a hardware issue?
The last idea I have is to reset all factory apps to their pre-updated states and repro the crash there, but I am starting to conclude that the bug may be in the hardware.