Android Development Tutorial

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Jan 8, 2014 5:56:56 PM

First thing's first: after two days struggling with Android Studio + Gradle misbehaviour running on my old Windows7 32-bits dev box (i know, i know!!!), finally i got a error-free IDE to start with :)

Today i coded part of the tutorial and managed to list the Xml items on the ScrollView...
Now i'm trying the ListAdapter approach and i'm having some probs, but for today i'm done - i'm getting back to it later on.

Bugs/typos found:
Method: skip() - > replace "depth–;" with "depth–-;";
Method: getAndroidPitRssFeed() --> not found. You must provide your own -- just adapt from onStart() and then call "new GetAndroidPitRssFeedTask().execute()".

I think i understood the logic that Henrique is showing with the ListView adapters, but i'm stuck with "Your content must have a ListView whose id attribute is ''" (?)... must investigate this later.

At first glance the tutorial seems somewhat short (4 pages or so...), but don't get tricked: i've learned a lot so far, in a practical way ;)