Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE — My take on 4.3 S3 LTE

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Jan 27, 2014 12:48:04 AM

Well.... Updated my S3-LTE to 4.3

My first impressions on this update is 100% positive, as I have not encountered any problems at all.
I have updated using kies and my trusty usb data cable.

What I have seen on this update is that it is not lacking at all, not draining battery more than maximum 5% every hour.
The lockscreen (i use the pattern one) is as quick as it was on 4.1.2 and wifi is not dropping.

About photosharing! Well.... I am only "sharing" through mms or uploading to my Google+ account.
That has to be tested tomorrow.

Now... What is it that i like about 4.3?
It is simple. I like the settings menu better. My headset is not dropping out on the right, when listening to music.
I had this issue, where if I used my headset for listening music, then only one in twenty times were I plugged in the headset, I would have sound on both right and left. Now this is fixed. And ohh.... I like the default music player better now. The artwork is now bigger, and the play/stop/forward buttons are way better looking. I like texting/sms font and style better now.

The worst part of 4.3 update is the photo-album. I really liked the old one better. Well... Nothing is perfect.
All in all. A good update that (for my phones part) runs really great without bugs, using the settings I personally like.

Hope this report will be at some use to AndroidPit readers and/or staff.

These photo's are of my battery-life, before and after the update.

4.1.2 firmware

4.3 firmware

I can "share" from within my gallery. Using upload to Google+ and sending through mms.
NO way, I am having facebook on my phone.

My WIFI does not drop eighter.

Seems like I have a fully functioning upgrade on my phone. :-)

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Jan 27, 2014 6:55:04 PM

Hey Anders!

Wow!! Thank you so much for your feedback on how the Android 4.3 update has affected your Galaxy S3! You finally got in Denmark eh? That is great! I know you had been annoyed that it hadn't arrived yet. But yet, it has!!!

I had the same issues in regards to the Gallery! I hate that the pictures are all displayed in different sizes and its hard to see where one finishes and the other one begins! Other than that, I also really liked the new look and settings, which is a lot clearer. The only heart-breaking thing is that, well, my phone was stolen :( two weeks ago. I'm so sad, but I guess I will survive. I only really enjoyed the update for about 1 week. So you can enjoy it for me! :(

Jan 28, 2014 2:53:17 AM

Thanks Loie, and sorry for you'r loss.
This report was no big deal to make. I really were, annoyed by the lack of 4.3 on 9305.
9300 got the update on 31 december as far as I can remember. I could be wrong though.

And yet another batterylife-update from me (forgot to make screenshots) :-(
My battery was down to 39%, when I plugged in the charger.
And the good part of it. Well.... Sorry to say, that it only lasted little over 20 hours... LOL
Yes. 20+ hours.

I did 3 laps in real racing 3.
I did 20 to 30 text messages.
I talked for about 2 to 3 hours.
I checked mail using outlook a couple of times.
I used the timer because I did the laundry (1.15 hours).
And I went on wifi to surf the net one hour or so.

All that (as far as I remember) in roughly 20+ hours. I have way better batterylife now.
And I do not know why. I am a happy man. :-)

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Jan 28, 2014 6:51:49 PM

I would be too! 20 hours is great! I remember back with Android 4.1.2 the battery was really the pits and I was worried that the 4.3 update would just make it worse. I installed Battery Doctor to keep a closer look at what's using most battery. It's interesting to know all you've done and it still did so well!

Jan 29, 2014 4:31:44 PM

Just checked my ram status. And my system uses somewere between 800 to 900 megabyte memmory after i have closed all programs and clicked on clear memmory. Before i cleared up my memmory, it used roughly 1.2 gigabyte out of 2. I really do not know what the load was before I updated to 4.3