[new forum] Much more disappointed, haven't expected it !

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Apr 24, 2014 9:17:46 AM via Website

Every since the User Interface of the AndroidPit forum is been changed I am seeing a decrease in the visitor base, :? now you'll ask me how can you comment on this, well previously when I logged onto my account I can see a number of new unanswered threads but now when I logged in all I found is new threads in "Let me show you my apps" section only and that too looks like the "leachers" as they have created the AndroidPit account for just promoting their app only. They some how increase their post to count of 10 posted and gone, and once more thing has been came to my notice that what they do after posting their application in the Let me show you my app category is they create another account and pretend to be a ser who downloaded the app and is very happy, just no negative comment :? I mean I am not compelling other to give negative comment but what I am thinking is how an application can have all the positive feedback? I just can't found any interesting thread here now in which I can indulge upon. :'( Does that mean I need to look out for some ..... I really love in here but what had happened with it ?? :(

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Apr 24, 2014 10:38:23 AM via Website

Hi John,

Thanks for your input. We usually do have a high number of people posting in the "Let me show you my app" thread. Unfortunately we do notice that people have been trying to be sneaky with their app posts (by spamming and bumping). But rest assured we go through each post daily and get rid of these fake accounts. If you still come across any that are more than a day old and seem suspicious, please bring it to my attention.

Thanks John, your feedback is important to us :)

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May 8, 2014 4:18:41 PM via Website

Hey @John, like with all new things, everyone bucks the system for a little while. I still remember hating the new Play Store interface when they changed it but now that I'm used to it I hardly remember what my issue was!

We may have scared a few users off temporarily with the new look, but it is definitely better than it was. it'll just take a little time for everyone to figure it out and get back to posting. In the meantime you can always lead by example and post great new threads for everyone to respond to!

May 9, 2014 8:49:55 AM via Website

I kinda agree with you @Kris at the very first day when I looked at the change in the forum I was like oh my god what AndroidPit team has done?:'( I was too much disappointed from the new look but as of now I feel like no it is great ;) Now I start to feel comfortable with the in navigating as well as they style around. But what I still feel is some use of colors can really give a woww factor. I know you guys are working hard over this forum to make it much more cleaner and happier than ever. But If I talk about myself I really love colors and seeing this forum using some more color can really make my day great. :)

Lastly I'd like to thank all the AndroidPit team for listening me out here :* <3

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May 9, 2014 9:48:39 AM via Website

a quote goes here I just can't found any interesting thread here now in which I can indulge upon. :'( Does that mean I need to look out for some ..... I really love in here but what had happened with it ?? :(> a quote goes here

oh Come on john, why am I here you think :D , I am still here to open up new threads :P
But I am not sure that are interesting for you ;)

@Kris : I appreciate your teams effort but need some modern page design. Minimistic design I would say. When lot of information and links are presented over single page , it doesn't become shiny and catchy and user confuse where to go. I mean this is my experience.
Also can your team please include some jQuery so that we can play with button hover and images etc ??

May 12, 2014 11:04:55 AM via Website

Good question. We already have some jQuery content in the new forum, so its a possibility, but I have no idea what the product team has planned - it's all top secret handshake stuff. I've passed the suggestions on though guys, so you never know.