Show us your Homescreen

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Georg Seebode
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Jun 10, 2014 3:08:13 PM via Website

Every Android Forum has one of these - and its about time AndroidPIT has one too!

Show us your Homescreen!

Im not a massive fan of tinkering around with my Note 3 - im quite comfortable with just using the standard UI, especially since I use my phone heavily for work.

Instead of using the stock weather widget though ive opted for the App "WeatherLove" - lots of custom options to tweak the look and feel. I was looking for something that resembled the Stock Android feel and I think that it does the job nicely.

While I dont use any of the S-Health accessories - I do like the Walking Mate Widget, always interesting to see how much I run around the office.

Just a tip - if you want to upload screenshots, youre best resizing them with pixlr or some other program so they dont turn out so massively huge (Ive resized the images to 315 × 560 pixels).

So what does your Homescreen look like?

image image
image image

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Jun 13, 2014 11:45:57 PM via Website

I prefer the stock(ish) look now. I've purchased several launchers and customised away over the years with varying results, but I think Google have finally got the stock launcher right.image