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Galaxy S4 Google Edition with Stock Android Rumored for I/O

Loie Favre

Are you not such a fan of the Samsung Galaxy S4's TouchWiz user interface and would rather have stock Android instead when you purchase the new Sammy flagship? Rumor has it that you might be able to since Samsung might be coming out with a Galaxy S4 Google Edition, which would be running on the stock version of the latest Android.

Samsung Galaxy S4 mockup
Will the Google I/O present a Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition? © Samsung/ edited by AndroidPIT

We've recently compared the two UI and most say they prefer pure Android. So far, this is only a rumor (though we are fairly certain of this one) since we don't exactly know what goodies will be divulged at the Google I/O. The event kicks off this coming morning in San Francisco (6 PM Berlin time for us). However, if this scoop is true, we could be looking at getting a Google Galaxy S4 headset running on the latest Android update.

google io costumes
The Google I/O from last year was a big success, what will this year's event bring? © Google I/O

This will have a major appeal for those die-hard Android users out there who love stock Android and won't touch anything else. This could launch Samsung ahead of the competition in that the company would get the newest Android version much earlier than any other manufacturer. The Korean company already got Android 4.2.2 before HTC did, since the latter only stocked its flagship the HTC One with Android 4.1.2 combined with a promise that an update would come very soon.

According to the, the pure Android Open Source Project version fo the Galaxy S4 is still in its preparation stages and will be unveiled during the I/O keynote. It will also be available starting in June, coming to expectant Android lovers on T-Mobile bands. This tops the list of Google I/O predictions that we've heard so far, which includes Android 4.3 and updated versions to Nexus 4, 7 and 10. Stay tuned tonight as we cover the event live. (If you're not sure what you prefer, TouchWiz UX 2.0 or stock Android 4.2, take a look at our comparison).



What highlight, which are to be presented at the Google I/O, are you looking forward to the most?



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  • Philipp Junghannß (My1) May 15, 2013 Link

    oh! my god... I don't like AOSP that much. Touchwiz is better...

  • Gio A. May 15, 2013 Link

    If this is true this might be the beginning of something incredible for android. If samsung starts giving people a choice and people really go for that version it mighy finally open the other companies eyes to also doing this because there is demand from the public.

    I trully hope that this is true and I'm pretty sure lots of other people too. WE WANT TO BE ABLE TO CHOOSE!!! :)

  • Ti Mo May 15, 2013 Link

    " This will have a major appeal for those die-hard Android users out there who love stock Android and won't touch anything else."

    No.. Every die hard android user is rooted anyways and then you can just flash aokp or whatever..

  • User picture
    Loie Favre May 15, 2013 Link

    @Ti Mo: Very true indeed.
    That being said, there's a growing niche here. I think that it would make stock Android more readily available for people who haven't dabble in it before. Like Gio A. says, it would really ''give people more choice'' right from the beginning. This new edition could in fact cause more people to become ''die-hard Android users''.

  • Ti Mo May 15, 2013 Link

    That's true I just think it's not for power users but for users who are just a little bit more interested in the phone than the average user..

  • Rolfhu May 15, 2013 Link

    Indeed it would be nice to change from my Galaxy Nexus to a S4 with the same software. The updates are fast and no need to wait for Sami ;-)

  • Philipp Junghannß (My1) May 17, 2013 Link

    I think that it's a nice Idea to bring out a "Nexus S4", especially if izt isnt different in Hardware from Normal S4, that would help the devs, and anyway, I'd rly like it when ALL Phones would get a choice which user interface we want...