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Google Ditches X Phone Project

Loie Favre

With this news that has just surfaced, it makes you if this phone is actually real? I'm talking about the X Phone that we've been hearing about for a long time. Now Google is nixing the project of an Android device we thought will beat the iPhone and go down in history. In exchange, Google will be forging forward with its Nexus line.

motorola x
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All of this hype was pretty much for nothing. We've been covering it all the way back to January where we were dreaming and hoping that the Motorola X Phone with Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie would be presented at the Google I/O. Leaked pics, whispered hints and bogus specs were the breadcrumbs for a wild goose chase.

In fact, Android Guy thinks that the X Phone was just an elusive way of creating hype for a smartphone that would be the ''iPhone killer'', which would have ''matched the Apple device in a way that now current third party Android has been able to do''. That being said, Google has pushed the phone onto Motorola's lap, so perhaps you don't have to say goodbye to this dream yet.

I'm sorry Apple-haters, this super headset won't be appearing anytime soon. That being said, who knows what wonders Google will be presenting tomorrow at the I/O. Our predictions about what will be presented is, well, not very extensive. That being said, we still have hope! Stay tuned as we cover the event.

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  • Gio A. May 14, 2013 Link

    Well too bad I was really interested in the Xphone because it seemed like it would be like mentioned above a history maker. And maybe one of the best devices ever. I hope Moto takes what Google has done till now and run with it and maybe create something trully incredible.

    I had always hoped that this would be the nexus 5 and I still find that the new Motorola nexus 5 with android 5.0 key lime pie has a nice wring too it. Or maybe it's just me because I like the number 5.

  • lhtbinh1909 May 14, 2013 Link

    So this is really x phone, so so so disapointed.
    This phone and RAZRs together, no one will pick this phone

  • CJ Brown May 15, 2013 Link

    (shrugs) it could be that Google is concentrating on enhancing what it already has .... and that we may not see a new(er) Nexus until late this year

  • Tom Crawford May 17, 2013 Link

    So many misinformed articles on this topic. Motorola and Google operate as two separate entities. Google will never be directly involved in the production of phones from Motorola, they've stated this many times. Google will continue working with different manufacturers to create the Nexus line of phones (and one day it could be Motorola) but until Motorola comes out with a Nexus device, the company is on it's own in terms of creating their brand. The supposed "X-Phone" is and always will be a Motorola product, so this article stating that Google has given up on the X-Phone is bogus, as Google has never been involved with the production of any Motorola products. All google has done, since purchasing Motorola, was clean house and appoint new managers for the company. Nothing more.