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Heavy Gunner 3D

Yan Matusevich

Once again the evil aliens are back on a mission to destroy our planet Earth. Is there anyone left to defend and protect from this terrible threat? You and only you are up to the task.

This type of game has been around since video games were invented. The question is whether the developers of Heavy Gunner managed to make this game actually fun. Today’s test should shed some light on the matter.

4 ★★★★


Tested version Latest version
1.0.3 1.0.9

Test video

Features & Use

Heavy Gunner 3D is a classic shoot’em up game. From the get-go, your fingers must be glued to the shoot buttons. The onslaught of aliens from all sides leaves you no room to catch your breath. Using two guns on the left and right edges of your screen, you need to destroy the oncoming enemies by firing either both at the same time or alternating between them. This depends on what type of gun you’re using and whether your device supports multi-touch. The multi-touch controls worked perfectly on the Nexus One.

Heavy Gunner 3D includes 35 levels divided into three levels of difficulty. In addition, there’s a Survival Mode that can be played in different modes. With the points collected from killing enemies you can buy additional weapons or upgrade your inventory. You can use two weapons simultaneously in a level and switch between them while playing by pressing a button at the top of your screen. That’s what made this game so entertaining for me.

The idea behind the game is about as simple as it gets: shoot everything in your sight! Don’t let the simplicity of this game deter you from giving it a try. I had a lot of fun testing Heavy Gunner 3D. Not only does the game have amazing graphics and sound, but also makes a great impression on the whole. The fact that you can collect, vamp up or add news weapons to your arsenal makes this game more than just a classic shooter.

By using the right combination of weapons you can develop a successful tactic to fight through each individual level.

Fans of shooter games should definitely take a good look at Heavy Gunner.

Screen & Controls

After you start-up Heavy Gunner for the first time, you’ll need to download 25 MB of game files to your SD card. Once you’ve accomplished that you can actually start playing.
In the Heavy Gunner main menu you have the following options:

More Games

With the top two buttons you can start either Story or Survival mode.

In Extra you’ll find these options:

Write a review

In Settings you can make adjustment to the controls:

Control: Touch/Tilt
Touch Style: Multi/Single
Vibration: On/Off
Sound: On/Off

Priority: Quality/Speed
Y-Axis: Normal/Reversed
Sensitivity : (Ranging from 1 to 10)

You can adjust your viewpoint during the game with either your finger or the built-in motion sensors. Shooting is done by pressing the two right and left buttons at the bottom of the screen. Different weapons have different shooting characteristics. With some weapons, you can just permanently keep your finger on the shoot button and control each weapon individually. Other weapons, however, run out of ammunition quickly and take a while to reload. Just above the shoot buttons you can tell how much ammunition is left. A radar at the bottom edge of the screen shows you from which direction enemies are attacking you. The number of enemies needed to be killed to complete the level is also displayed in the bottom left corner.

You can also keep track of your defense shield and armor at the bottom of the screen. Using a button on the top right you can switch between different weapons.

Bottom Line:

Heavy Gunner 3D is an all-around great game. Being a fan of shoot’em up games is a prerequisite for enjoying Heavy Gunner.



Speed & Stability

Heavy Gunner 3D performed flawlessly on the Nexus One. 

Price/Performance Ratio

 Heavy Gunner 3D can be downloaded for $2.99 from the Android Market. 


Heavy Gunner 3D Heavy Gunner 3D Heavy Gunner 3D Heavy Gunner 3D

Comparable Apps

No comparable apps are currently known to us. If you happen to know one, it would be great if you could get in touch with us.


Com2uS USA


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  • Douglas Carter Jul 6, 2010 Link

    looks damn cool if you have a phone capable of running it. Bring on the 1.5GHz, 2Ghz, and Dual-core CPUs

  • Anthony Jul 6, 2010 Link

    Im so lost

  • User picture
    Jay O. Jul 6, 2010 Link

    @Anthony .. what do you mean you're lost, mate?

  • Peter Long Jul 6, 2010 Link

    Amazing graphics! I hope there are more games like this to come.

  • Bernhard Fuhry Jul 9, 2010 Link

    @Douglas Carter it runs flawlessly on the Galaxy S. You can even control the two guns independently.