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Homescreens - What type are you?

Sterling Keys (translation)

Show me your Homescreen, and I'll tell you who you are. As unique as everyone's homescreen is, it's pretty interesting to see how every different type of person has a different way their homescreen is laid out and used. The hoarder, the nitpickers, the aesthetics, the nerd, the minimalists, just to name a few of the possibilities. But which type are you?

Picard Android1

The Hoarder

Maybe you're a free spirit who rebelled against the system, perhaps a genius that controls the chaos - or maybe you just can’t things in order. Your apps are thrown together at random, and you always look like a man who has been possessed by his home screen. Are you constantly late because you the train is driven off before you have found the app that you were looking for?

homescreen hoarder
Only the Hoarder understands how his homescreen works © AndroidPIT

The Nitpicker

Chaos makes you afraid. For you a homescreen should be manageable, even at a glance. The idea of ​​clutter on your display causes you to lose sleep at night. Therefore, you have all your apps meticulously sorted into thematic folders, so you never have search around for them. Downloads of new apps last forever with you. Not because of a slow Internet connection, but because you only have to think carefully which folder they belong to. 

homescreen nitpicky
Order, folders, and neatness. The staple of a nitpicker / © AndroidPIT

The aesthetic

You don’t actually need a smartphone. In fact, you could probably just get by with one of those digital photo frames. You horde pretty wallpapers, and it is more important to you to be able to enjoy looking at them then it is for you to access your apps. If you were to install a Wallpaper Changer, you would probably starve to death, because the gaze of your Home screen would entrance you for hours on end. Therefore, your home screen is practically empty. Something that would clutter the space, like a weather widget or clunky clock is completely out of the question. Simple, beautiful, but not all together handy.

Homescreen Aesthet
The aesthetic in a nutshell. An efficient usage of his smartphone isn't at the forefront of his mind, but it sure is pretty. / © AndroidPIT

The Nerd

Your smartphone is not really a phone, but a Tricorder. The only reason you chose Android is because you can now pretend you’re Data from Star Trek thanks to a custom theme. You’re used to being stared at in public, because for every SMS message that you receive, a photon torpedo detonates in your pants at full volume. And that’s the only thing that will be coming out of your pants, most dates end with them walking out on you the moment that you pick up your device. I guess a Jean-Luc Picard Jr. isn’t in the works anytime soon….

Nerd Homescreen
Lonely but happy: The Nerd does not have a girlfriend, but he has his very entertaining (at least for him) LCARS-style homescreen./ © AndroidPIT

The minimalist

Secretly you are still asking yourself why you have a smartphone at all. Actually, you would be completely satisfied with owning a Nokia 3310. However, everyone needs to try and fit in from time to time. The handful of the apps you have on your device, you had your mother download them for you because when you hear “Play Store” images of an adult orientated boutique come to mind and you’re mildly ashamed. And if someone says "WhatsApp”, you respond with: "Not a whole lot…” 

Minimalist Homescreen
Not much to look at on the minimalists homescreen, however, he most likely has the fastest smartphone of all.  © AndroidPIT

So, which one are you? Do you fall into any of these categories or are you someone completely different?


What homescreen type are you?

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  • Yusuf Fishir May 25, 2013 Link

    I would have to say Im the Minimalist :P Only 8 apps, 4 of which I use daily, and Google search widget and a time/day/date widget Lol

  • jontgendron4g May 25, 2013 Link


  • Dvoraak May 25, 2013 Link

    Aesthetic nitpicker

    Create my own wallpaper and have every screen and widget themed accordingly with all apps hidden in folders in the app drawer. Even the dock has to be hidden or I just lose my mind. Thanks goodness for gesture controls or I'd never be able to get anything done.

  • Mark R. May 26, 2013 Link

    I think I'm a 'crammer'. I try to fit everything on one screen - widgets and folders!

  • Arjun Paliath May 26, 2013 Link

    I will have to go for hoarder.
    As my GS3 and GS4 home screens have all the apps installed on phone.

  • David H. May 27, 2013 Link

    My homescreen doesn't fit any of the categories suggested. It actually uses all of the features available for android missing from iOS.

  • Loie Favre
    • Admin
    • Staff
    May 28, 2013 Link

    I've been the hoarder type for the longest time, but this post has helped me change my ways ;) and now my apps are in neat little folders!

  • v.walker May 29, 2013 Link

    My screen is a tossup between hoarder and nitpicker because I like order with feel of splash.

  • Mohammed van de Kraats May 29, 2013 Link

    I used to be a hoarder, with all my screens crammed with icons and widgets.
    Until I got a headache each time I wanted to use my phone for something else then making a call.
    Having so much installed also make you experience system freeze and crashes because of badly written apps.
    So, since a while, I have turned back to the default apps for most functions, since after a while, you notice that for example a mail app doesnt bring that much extra compared to the default phone gmail app. Same for contacts and camera, and so many other things.
    And with the apps, I realy use, or the ones I dont want to loose, I have put only some on screens, the ones I use more often, and have grouped them per screen

    So, I have become a nitpicking, minimalistic hoarder.

  • Chad R May 29, 2013 Link

    Messy, Aesthetic, Minimalist Nerd, who is Nit-Picky!

    I have a communicator chirp for text messages but I either use default or my own background image (not of Trek interface)

    I keep most important information laid out aesthetically on my home page with second page containing several apps/folders of my most used/interest apps.

    Then I have the one page that is always full of the installed apps I have downloaded that dont get touched.

    And then there is the blank page just so I can enjoy the amazing image I used for a background.

  • Lou May 29, 2013 Link

    im between nit picky and asthetics, i have to have everything in order but i have over 1000 wallpapers and need to have a nice home screen, i use my 2nd,3rd,4th,5th for folders and widgets

  • Philipp Junghannß (My1) May 29, 2013 Link

    sometimes I ask myself "are ppl even reading english APit???"
    this article has 139 comments in German APit here we have shortly over 10...
    what the hell is going on here???

    anyway I am between a aesthetic and a nitpicker, sometimes temporarily (when installing new apps) a hoarder...

  • Philipp Junghannß (My1) May 29, 2013 Link

    ads are forbidden here...

  • Sean Foster May 29, 2013 Link

    I'm a nitpicker if anything.

    I'm not surprised that most users are. People tend to use their smartphones to keep organised to some degree. It's hard to keep organised if your phone's a mess.

    My main home screen has a clock/weather widget and my calendar widget
    One page has apps grouped by folder.
    3 more pages of widgets for my main apps

    Phone, message, browser, and camera live in the draw.

  • Joe Miller May 29, 2013 Link

    A nitpicky crammer who loves the dark side of life I have organizer apps with a Gothic theme a ton of Widgets but all kept in order ie home is time weather contacts camera battery widget etc page 2 calendar to do list 3 multimedia 4 news 5 sticky notes 6 productivity 7 social media

  • G Wilkinson May 30, 2013 Link

    I am a Widgetizer that means that I basically fill my homescreens with widgets.

  • G Wilkinson May 30, 2013 Link

    I am a Widgetizer ,I fillmy homescreen with widgets.

  • Robert Rollo May 30, 2013 Link

    Messy, totally disorganised. And I was a tech. Retired but I can never find any thing on the work bench, and passwords well.

  • Jordan Bevan May 30, 2013 Link

    I make 1 homepage with Golauncher. use widgitsoid. So i can manage everything volume, brightness,ring mode, power, switch on and off wifi, gps, 4g, all from the homescreen then use multicon to make it so i have 4 icons in the place of 1 and put every app and contact i use often right on 1 screen.

  • Werner Groenewald May 30, 2013 Link

    I guess having 45 apps on my default home screen makes me a hoarder. But when I discovered the Apex Launcher it gave me the ability to put all the apps I regularly use on only one screen. I grouped them in categories and made them a bit smaller. Now my Note 2's screen looks like that of a mini tablet and that's exactly what I wanted.

  • Chantelle May 30, 2013 Link

    I'm a Nitpicky Minimalist who likes Pretty Backgrounds. Everything I use frequently goes into one of 4 folders -Cam/Gallery/Dropbox -Social (Facebook, GetGlue, Twitter, etc) -Games -Misc apps I like to use and not have to hunt for. Weather and clock are already on my lock screen so I don't need those widgets on my home screen. I don't need any of that covering my awesome and occasionally sexy wallpapers.

  • cyberwarrior May 30, 2013 Link

    I am tactical home screen user, I only have those items on my home screen that I use daily all other apps are removed

  • Doğa Özkaracaabatlıoğlu May 30, 2013 Link

    I'm developer user..everyday changing rom and customizing everything.don't like original things.A few apps i'm using whatsapp and twitter :D

  • Cody M May 30, 2013 Link

    Well I'd be a minimalist I suppose but I don't have a single icon on my homescreen. Everything is controlled by gesture (two finger down for notifications, two finger clockwise for app drawer, counter clockwise for recent apps, two finger up to hide status bar, double-tap for voice search) or the pie control at the bottom-center:

    edit: oh and galaxy nexus, so no hard keys, and nav bar is disabled.

  • Baron Tankhe May 30, 2013 Link

    I'm the "I'll build one myself" and in the process of building my own launcher.

  • Sterling Keys May 30, 2013 Link

    Definitely in the nitpicker camp myself. I have to have everything organized into the proper folder so that I can find it easily. And yeah...I get a little panicky when things start to get overboard.

  • Brad Madin May 31, 2013 Link

    I have a Galaxy S4 BTW.
    I'm none of the above, I would call mine organised productivity. I have 6 active screens 1 on each end blank (I dont know why i do that I know i could hide them but i like it that way) the 3 in the middle full but cleverly organised either grouped if similar or in a folder if in the same category eg games, banking.

    Screen 3, which is the center and the most logical launch point is my "home" which contains things i use all the time google now search bar at the top, below that 5 day weather widget.
    then below apps i use all the time flipboard camera facebook music maps gallery. ect.

    Screen 2 is all to do with my business banking emails scrollable agenda for upcoming events in my calendar and flashlight widget.

    Screen 4 probably seems a little bit less organised but everything still feels uncluttered
    top row is the "Walking Mate" widget which comes with S Health basically a 1 click pedometer.
    Below that in a 2X2 box 'Tasks' widget, then with a remaining space which is kind of like a 'L' shape apps that relate to entertainment or leisure. Games & shopping folder, cheezburger, SoundHound, Samsung WatchOn. ect.

  • Dave Trouble Jun 3, 2013 Link

    I usually have certain App Categories on each Screen ... Main Screen is for Apps that I use Most Often ... the other 4 Screens are Weather/Utilities ... Photos/Calendars .... Audio/Video .... Games !!!!

  • Philipp Junghannß (My1) Jun 3, 2013 Link

    1 have one Rule 1 Screen, 1 Happiness. (ok I have 2 other one but these are completely filles with 1 self Styled Clock Widget each) but I dont have to search for my apps everywhere

  • CJ Brown Jun 7, 2013 Link

    I am an aesthetic nerd ... and proud of it ! ;-)

  • Henrik Petranovic Jun 9, 2013 Link

    I have found no newspaper or dictionary or anything that is supposed to be read with a fancy background, exept for kids. So the conclusion is to be a solid color background, like a paper.

  • Henrik Petranovic Jun 9, 2013 Link

    Basic sreen is like a woman. You look at it a hundred time per a day. Wolud you marry an ugly woman? Sad truth is that nowadays, you spend much more time looking at your mobile screen.

  • Philipp Junghannß (My1) Jun 9, 2013 Link

    @Henrik who needs a woman anyway they are noisy, annoying, I dont another female person, my mum sucked (NOT literally) enough...

  • Henrik Petranovic Jun 9, 2013 Link

    Making home sreen according to your needs must be approach. It is normal, people of branch have similar screens. So the screen must be easy to edit according to anyone needs. But alas, to edit screen from the scratch is one of the weakest point among mobile manufactures. My Benq C72 has simple approach. I keep pressing number 5 a second or two, and immediately write SMS, 8 call my wife, 3 my younger son. The same setting has my wife vice verse.