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HTC One is $50 Cheaper Than Galaxy S4 with Double the Memory

Steven Blum
htc one black
HTC One in black. / © HTC

The HTC One's fight against the Galaxy S4 has been unfair from the start. While one company controls 40% of the smartphone market, the other is barely staying afloat. But if the rumors are true, HTC's newest phone will get a head start in the U.S., and a few perks that could draw consumers into its orbit. 

The HTC One is coming out before the Galaxy S4 – and will be available for $50 cheaper, too.  According to the Verge, the HTC One will launch on April 19th on AT&T and Sprint for $199, a good $50 cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S4, meanwhile, isn't even up for pre-sale on AT&T until April 16th. But that's not all: it'll also come with double the memory of the Galaxy S4 – 32GB vs. 16GB. The phone will come in silver and black, and a 64GB version will cost $299. 

Just like its predecessors – One S, and One X – HTC's latest is getting rave reviews, but it remains to be seen whether or not that'll help it beat Samsung's latest. The one problem with the phone seems to be the One's "Ultraapixel" camera, which takes grainier photos than would be preferred in daylight.

Still, for some, having an incredibly well-crafted phone with an amazing display and powerful internals with double the memory and for $50 less than the Galaxy S4 could end up being a really attractive offer. 

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  • Deine Mudda Apr 3, 2013 Link

    Some fixes ;):
    successors > predecessors
    Megapixel > Ultrapixel

  • Glostermeteor Apr 3, 2013 Link

    The problem I have always had with HTC is slow and buggy software. If they get that sorted they have a chance. Meanwhile I have just bought a Samsung Galaxy S3

  • Steven Blum Apr 4, 2013 Link

    Thanks, Mudda. Fixed!

  • McKinley Tabor Apr 4, 2013 Link

    So I keep coming back to this story today. (while in my soon to be killed Google Reader feed.) Something about it kept bothering me, but I didn't know what it was.

    Then it hit, that is NOT a picture of an HTC one. That is a picture of a completely awesome phone HTC will never make, a phone devoid of that crappy HTC Sense UI overlay. (I think your original source on that image came from XDA Developers,

    The phone you have pictured is smart, and sexy. It is devoid of manufacture and carrier bloatware/spyware. It packs awesome sound even if the camera is a bit weak. It might not have a SD card slot, but it's got the body of a Venus that I can hold in the palm of my hand. I would honestly stand in line and plunk down real money to buy an HTC One, full price, off contract, WITHOUT the Sense UI.

    The phone pictured on the HTC One website is something I'll wait 6 to 9 months for, and buy second-hand off eBay, but only when the Cyanogenmod guys have a fully working 4.2+ or 5.x+ Rom for it.

  • CJ Brown Apr 4, 2013 Link

    I would <3 to root for HTC & I do hope this new HTC ONE saves the Company; however I am never going back to a Contract Cellular Service Provider ever again (HTC needs to start selling better No Contract Android Smart Phones) ....

  • Zaheen Sheikh Apr 4, 2013 Link

    but what about s4 advance features? which are not in htc one. i think s4 is much better then htc one, 50 $ is nothing due to s4 most advance features and hardware

  • Steven Blum Apr 4, 2013 Link

    Hey McKinley, thanks for your feedback!

    While the photo, indeed, seems to have been taken from XDA, it accurately shows the way the black HTC One looks (Google "Black HTC One). Plus, if you buy it and root it, you can have the stock Android look on your phone in no time. Even if you DON'T root it and install Nova launcher and Holo locker, you're good. So I wouldn't choose to forgo buying the HTC One just because of Sense when you can easily remove Sense.

    That said if you're looking for advanced features, like Zaheen, the Galaxy S4 takes the cake.

  • JCpenney Apr 10, 2013 Link

    I keep reading articles in this site, I won't visit it again just cause it really sounds biased. Sucky site anyways.

  • Philipp Junghannß (My1) Apr 19, 2013 Link

    an elite 32GB smartphone for 200 Dollars only?
    What wrong with the world?

    ->or are those prices for use within a contract???