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LG G2 has problems with KitKat

Anthony Muzonzini

KitKat is making its way on to more and more devices and the LG G2 which is currently the flagship device from the South Korean electronics giant has been getting the update recently. Some users of the G2 have been running into problems with KitKat though according to news sources posting online.

lgg2 frontback
The LG G2 recently got KitKat / © LG

The update has been coming along for the past two months to users all over the world and initially there seemed to be very few problems with the update.KitKat brought along some enhancements which included new features as well as bug fixes that were on the previous operating system. The update was sent out to most US carriers first and then carriers up here in Canada. Verizon was the last North American carrier to get the update but they started getting it out to users round about a week ago.

Problems with the update have been coming in from the United States as well as from people overseas though. Initially it was thought that the problems were only exclusive to Verizon users but it seems as though people with the update on other networks are also experiencing problems. One of the most common problems has been the dropping of data connections over LTE networks. Others have reported that the display is not as bright as it used to be which has led some to believe that LG added more shades to the brightness scale on the actual phone.

People have also been complaining about battery life on the phone. This becomes a serious issue especially for people conducting business and after the update users have been reporting that battery lasts for a shorter amount of time than before. If you’re experiencing some of these problems you may want to check the brightness of your phone and also perhaps download an app that can save you some battery during key moments.

Have you experienced any of these problems? Please leave us a comment below if you have and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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  • Gabriel Cavazos 4 months ago Link

    3845#*802# --> Settings --> update touchscreen firmware

    Just remember Change the 802 part to your model.

  • Siva Shankar 7 months ago Link

    Hi... Me too having the same data connection problem. Previously with Jelly bean, data connection was happening properly. After updating to Kitkat, the touch button shows it is connected. But the connected symbol not shown in the notication band and also if i try to access internet, it says no Internet connection. I tried resetting twice, Airplane mode on and off, Changing APN values and reset to default, nothing works. Now the sole purpose for which i bought this phone is not happening. I am just using it to carry to office back and forth without any internet communication. Can somebody help on rectifying this issue? Does this LG G2 get Android L update without this issue? Thanks!

  • Josh A. 7 months ago Link

    I have Sprint, Since last update, Bluetooth is taking forever to connect, some devices it wont connect at all. anyone find a patch or a work around for this?

  • stephen m pattewrson 8 months ago Link

    No question there is a problem with the G2 - Here is a comparison under the exact same conditions between the G2 and the moto X. Both phones have the same chip WTR1605L so its not hardware.*

  • Jeanluc Carrington 8 months ago Link

    I'm lucky if I get to put my security pattern in. My knock feature doesn't work either & while taking a call I can't access my phone until the person on the other end hangs up. So I can't finish recording voicemails to people. I use to like my phone haha 😕

  • Jason bridgeman 10 months ago Link

    My first g2 would go from lte to 3g even when I have full bars... now I have the replacement and it does the same but it will stay in 4g lte but will go to 3g after awhile.. and in 3g I'll have connectivity for 10 mins or so then I lose it... 5 mins later I'll get 3g again...

  • Theresa Maitam 10 months ago Link

    Frustrating to use LG G2 the network data keeps dropping off ... I think am switching back to my old reliable I-phone 4S and wait for I-Phone 6 to come out, still the best for me

  • Shelley Anderson 10 months ago Link

    I'm at a loss as to how some LG G2 owners that have installed KitKat can have their "knock on" feature work better. As soon as I installed the update that was the first thing to go. I can knock off just fine but I can't knock on at all. Highly annoying! I even did a factory data reset and still not working. Not happy!!!

    • 10 months ago Link

      I noticed this on my G2 as well, very annoying I turned this feature off even though i like it.

  • 10 months ago Link

    Since the new update i have to charge my phone daily. I used to be able to use it 3-4 days regularly before charging. I also have been getting the dropped signal often.

  • Sam Choudharyz 10 months ago Link

    I have lg g2 i m from hisar haryana...
    In my g2 after kitkat ...
    Many times in a day
    There touch not working
    When i do lock off and on thn touch working...
    Plz bug fixxxxx

  • Ivan Prskalo 10 months ago Link

    I have read somewhere that you need to set brightness over 50% and then tap Auto, that works for me, I keep it at 60% and then Auto.

  • Stephanie Parrish Buser 10 months ago Link

    My battery drops about 15 % over night too. Auto adjust on brightness stopped working altogether.

  • Jack Strauss 10 months ago Link

    My battery life has taken a hit as well. Typically overnight, it used to have a deep sleep of 95%. Now it's 85%. Mostly woken up by AlarmManager.

    • Ivan Prskalo 10 months ago Link

      I wish now that I can go back to JB...
      Bluetooth bug drived me nuts. I lose more than 10% battery over night... Sometimes even 25%.
      Damn bluetooth keeps my cpu awake all night...

  • Ivan Prskalo 10 months ago Link

    I have problems with bluetooth draining my battery... Sometimes it consumes 40% of juice. I saw that keeps cpu awake a lot doing wakeups preventing phone (cpu) to go to deep sleep...
    Any ideas?

  • sarvesh srivastava 10 months ago Link

    Got a galaxy s4 updated with kit kat 10 days back but battery is draining like anything.
    Don't know what to do with settings as tried everything in it

  • Anthony Allen 10 months ago Link

    My Verizon G2 has had a slew of issues the worst of which is a dramatic decrease in battery life. The update interfered with multiple apps that I had to reinstall, and I've had serious issues with my bluetooth. I've also experienced the LTE network issues, but not terribly. The funny thing is that the Kit Kat update for my niece's G2 on Sprint increased her battery life. My GF on Sprint saw minor app and clock issues that just required some resets.I was ready to sing the praises of LG after coming over from almost a decade of HTC phones, but this update has me wondering if ANY handset maker actually cares about us users? Oh, the double knock feature is super improved across the board. Weeeee! Not.

  • TJ Pranger 10 months ago Link

    The GPS is terribly inaccurate, and the data sometimes doesn't connect. Very frustrating as a delivery driver. TMobile in USA

  • mmhb99 10 months ago Link

    I'm not having any problems since the update. Auto brightness works. Knock on works BETTER than it did before. Battery is about the same. I love my phone.

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