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Mega Jump – Jump, Mega, Jump!

Jay O.

Mega Jump has topped the Play Store charts for weeks and many smartphones users will be familiar with it. Just in case you've not given into the hype, here's what Mega Jump is all about in a nutshell: a little red monster bounces around the display.

If that isn't enough information for you, check out the full review after the jump!

4 ★★★★


Tested version Latest version 1.6.2

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100)
Android version: 2.3.6
Root: No
Runs as of version: 2.2

Over 22 million people are playing Mega Jump—and perhaps the similarities to Doodle Jump have something to do with this.
So the question is: can Mega jump out of Doodle's shadow?

The main screen is nicely designed and has links to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as well options to purchase new levels and/or items. That said, all levels, etc. can be activated just by playing and completing levels, too. This takes a while but if you’re an enthusiastic gamer this shouldn’t deter you.

The game structure:
First off, Mega Jump isn’t the same as Doodle Jump, so if you’re looking for a clone youre knocking on the wrong door. Mega Jump is easier, more diversified and not based on a single high score. The goal is to collect as many points/coins as possible over a longer period of time, and thus activating new levels.

The gameplay:
At the beginning the wee red monster is simply flying up into the air. Navigate it by tilting your device. Every time you collect a coin the monster bounces a bit higher.
There are lots of power ups to help you along the way, different types of coins and items that enable the monster to do a bunch of things. The umbrella lets the monster float down slowly, the magnet draws all coins towards it.

The game is easy at the beginning, but the more you progress the more of a challenge it turns out to be.

The visuals are colourful and fun, there’s a lot of attention to detail and the monster is charming in its own way.

Bottom line:

Mega Jump is a fun game that I would recommend in a heart beat. The graphics, the fast paced action and gameplay and the addictive factor sold it to me.

Screen & Controls

The design is fun, the sound effects are great too (sounds a little bit sad every time a coin is collected...) and controls are child's play. Every last detail is nicely designed and the whole thing is easy to use. Top marks for Mega Jump in this department!

Speed & Stability

Mega Jump is a fast-paced kind of game. Some items will literally catapult the monster up into the stratosphere, and everything happens so quickly that the actions are sometimes a bit difficult to follow. That said, the game runs relatively smoothly.

The graphics aren't spectacular, but they're cute enough.

A small bone of contention: every time 100 coins have been collected the monster gets boosted up into the air and the coin count starts again from the top. During the coin count I experienced several bumps, and always when the 100th coin is counted.

A previous version caused the Galaxy S2 to crash, much to the users' dismay. This bug has been fixed, but the game crashed once on me during our test rounds.

Price/Performance Ratio

Mega Jump is available for free from the Play Store and – oh happy day! - the screen isn't jam packed with annoying ad banners. Users can purchase new items if they want, but levels and items can also be activated by successfully completing levels, so that you have the option of / but aren't forced to spend money.


Mega Jump – Jump, Mega, Jump! Mega Jump – Jump, Mega, Jump! Mega Jump – Jump, Mega, Jump! Mega Jump – Jump, Mega, Jump! Mega Jump – Jump, Mega, Jump!

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