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Moto G: how to unlock the Bootloader and root

Johannes Wallat

The Moto G had a surprising early release in the USA, after it was originally announced to arrive in January. Well that is still half true: the Moto G is available now on the Motorola website, will arrive to owners on December 2nd. US carriers will only be having the smartphone in stock as of January. That aside, for the Motorola Moto G, there’s a fast and convenient method to unlock the bootloader and then root the device. Here’s how.

motorola moto g 4
The Moto G can be rooted in just a few steps. / © AndroidPIT

Unlock the Bootloader

First, you must unlock the bootloader of Moto G. For instructions and the necessary drivers, you get these directly from Motorola’s website. Please note: this process will erase all data on your smartphone, so it's important to complete a backup before! We assume as usual no liability for any damage or data loss.

First, download the ADB tools and unzip them on your original computer. We have provided the complete package for you to download. In addition, you need the latest Motorola USB drivers.

Now turn off your smartphone. Put it in fastboot mode by holding down the volume down and power buttons simultaneously. Wait a few seconds, then let the power button and the volume button go again. Connect the smartphone via USB to your PC. Navigate to the folder where you have unzipped the ADB tools. Hold down the shift key and click with the right mouse button on an empty spot in Windows Explorer. Select "Command Prompt open here."

Give the command prompt the following command: " fastboot oem get_unlock_data " and then press enter. A string will appear that looks similar to this:

fastboot oem get_unlock_data

(bootloader) 0A40040192024205#4C4D3556313230
(bootloader) 30373731363031303332323239#BD00
(bootloader) 8A672BA4746C2CE02328A2AC0C39F95
(bootloader) 1A3E5#1F53280002000000000000000
(bootloader) 0000000

Copy the character sequence by clicking on the right button of your mouse in the prompt, choose "Select" and then select the highlighted five lines. Press the enter key now to copy the text to the clipboard and then paste it into the input window on the Motorola website. Ensure that there are no spaces. Please also note that "(boot loader)" must not be copied!

motog bootloader 1
© AndroidPIT

Click on "Can my device be unlocked?", then scroll to the bottom of the page. Put a tick in the "I Agree" box and click on "Request Unlock Key". You should have received a code by email now. Copy it to the clipboard and then go back to the prompt. If the Moto G is still connected to the PC, you can directly input the following command:

fastboot oem unlock [here you will enter the 20 character long code with the right button of your mouse.]

motog bootloader 2
© AndroidPIT

Ready! The Moto G will now start automatically and the bootloader is unlocked. Now you can get going with the root procedure.

Root the Moto G

The root solution for the Moto G comes from MoDaCo founder Paul O'Brien. In the MoDaCo forum, there are the instructions and the necessary software. Download the to your PC and unzip it to any location. Now turn on your Moto of G and put it in bootloader mode by simultaneously pressing the power and the volume down buttons again. Connect your smartphone to your PC.

Navigate now to the Superboot folder and execute the file superboot-windows.bat with a double click.

Ready! The Moto G should now restart and your smartphone has been successfully rooted . If your you aren’t sure it worked, look in the App Drawer . Here you should now see the SuperSU application which you can use to grant or revoke root access for other apps.


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  • Tyler Barber 1 week ago Link

    My device doesnt qualify

  • Chandravadan Kasture 2 months ago Link

    i am not getting any mail from motorola

    MOTO G XT1033

  • rajesh kumar 2 months ago Link

    showing Your device does not qualify for boot loader unlocking..................please reply me asap thanks in advance

    • Mersh Ker 1 month ago Link

      This is simply!!
      Go to settings, scroll down where you see Motorola id, on the screen see an option where you see unlink account.
      Click on it!

  • Deepak singh Garia 6 months ago Link

    bro not root but unlock is done

  • Lawrence O.Hwiree 6 months ago Link

    they emailed me my code and i entered it and it said (bootloader) Password incorrect!
    (bootloader) OEM unlock failure!
    FAILED (remote failure)
    finished. total time: 0.319s
    im really starting to hate android

  • Subir Ranjan 7 months ago Link

    I did the above steps and have successfully unlocked my MOTO G Dual Sim, India. Now the thing is that, I am unable to login with my google account. The Play Store is also not working. No email id it is taking.
    I lost my entire phonebook synced with my gmail account.
    How to log in again as we do previous to unlocking?

  • Izman Danish 7 months ago Link

    I am unable to download the superuser file.What to do now?

  • JB Ellis 7 months ago Link

    I am having a hard time Getting my Bootloader Unlock I have try Several Time and still Nothing

  • Bhawesh Agrawal 9 months ago Link

    i am not getting any mail from motorola :(

  • Ejshrek Mar 21, 2014 Link

    For my moto g when I factory reset it. It deleted a process and I cannot even get it onto the home screen. It does the starting m thing and then goes blank. Does the fast boot mode still come on even if it doesn't even switch on properly.

    • Shashwat Razdan 11 months ago Link

      Umm when you factory reset it, you deleted the boot.img which allowed it to find the operating system. Happened with my Xperia J. Dont worry. Reflash the stock kernel and boot.img using adb for 4.4.2 and then it should work like a charm.

      • Gilmar Luiz 9 months ago Link

        Meu moto g E Desbloqueado, mas eu JÁ dei hum reset de fabrica os antes de Desbloquear ele, Sera Que Neste reset que dei, tbm apagou o boot.img? Será, que POSSO Instalar o superboot no Meu moto G? no download q Fiz tem superboot-windos, E a ultima Opção da pasta, mas nao tem superboot-windows.bat
        aguardo Retorno.

  • José Manuel Snyder Dec 31, 2013 Link

    Thank you everything worked perfect :D

  • kobi ben Dec 27, 2013 Link

    thank you, i have moto g gsm global and it worked fine too, there was a scary minute where right after the flash, the screen went green and pink fading lines and stuck that way for couple of minutes, but I held the power down and it reboot ok.

  • YasinAydin Dec 9, 2013 Link

    Thanks for this guide, works perfectly and easily to follow- even for a first time Android user.