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Moto G (2014): release date, news, price, specs & features

Loie Favre

Motorola has just unveiled the next generation of the Moto G, which we presumed would be called the Moto G2, but is actually just called Moto G. The new device has been improved in many ways over the last iteration, and here you can find out about when and where to get the device, as well as how much it will cost and tech specs. Also, check out our hands on Moto G2 review!

moto g 2014 5
Presenting the all new Moto G 2014. / © ANDROIDPIT

Motorola Moto G release date

Update: And it all begins today! You can actually go up to Motorola's online store and order an unlocked and off contract version, as well as get it from most US retailers. The device is available in India, Brazil and Europe also gets in on the Moto G party in France, UK, Spain, and Germany. All other countries and carriers will come later in the year.

Motorola Moto G price

Retail price for the Moto G will go for 199 pounds and 179 USD (8GB model).

moto g 2014 9

Motorola Moto G specs

  Motorola Moto G (2014)
System Android 4.4, KitKat (guaranteed upgrade to “L” version of Android OS).
Display 5.0 inch 720p HD 720 x 1280 IPS, Gorilla Glass, 294 ppi
CPU 1.2 GHz Quad-Core
GPU 450 MHz Single Core
Internal storage

SS-8GB & 16GB

DS-8GB & 16GB versions


Yes, supports up to 32GB micro SD card under removable rear cover

Battery ED30 (2070mAh), embedded
Camera 8MP, AF (f2.0), 2MP, 720p 30fps video capture both front and back
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, 3.5mm, USB2.0 HS, 1 or 2 Micro SIMS (depends on sku) 

Width: 70.7mm

Height: 141.5mm

Curve: 6.0-11.0mm
Weight <149g
Extras 2 speakers with noise cancellation supported, double 12x15x3.0 front-ported speakers

What do you think of the new Moto G?

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  • Nathan Pallas 3 months ago Link

    I am! I think Motorola cracked the affordable handset mould with the G. Now we have an upcoming replacement, the Moto E was released for emerging markets this year too. Even google are working on this market point.

    We'd all love a flagship smartphone, but for some its just out of reach. Long live the Moto G range!

    • User picture
      Scott Adam Gordon 2 months ago Link

      I totally agree. Motorola are doing great things at the price point they are offering their devices. It's not like they are cutting every corner just to make a cheap device, the Moto G is an excellent machine! When their CEO started talking about $50 smartphones I thought it was crazy but I'm not sure anymore. Maybe this will happen before long...

  • e2e4 2 months ago Link

    The Motorola's strategy in the mobile phone industry is as if Motorola asked my opinion about. The company's created Moto G after which they have been listening to the owners' opinions and now they are going to improve it.
    People have mostly complained about the camera. So Motorola's going to improve the camera but as much as the device price allows it because people love the moto g price the most.
    Also, the 4G function isn't so necessary and also kills the battery's life. In addition, the providers would ask pretty much money for the 4G access to such wireless networks. Does an ordinary customer need 4G so much? My answer would be "No". So Motorola's not going to add that function to the G2. What a perfect decision!
    Some customers have complained about the sound. Motorola is going to improve the speaker too, adding new type stereo speakers to the gadget. (In my humble opinion, I wouldn't put them on the front side)
    I was thinking about the dual SIM dual standby option and it seems they are going to add that possibility too.
    I haven't heard as yet they are going to provide the slots for the flash memory card but I hope they will.

    Thanks Motorola

    e2e4 lives in the RS, Bosnia

    • User picture
      Scott Adam Gordon 2 months ago Link

      Yeah I think it's smart to try and improve the camera, but stereo speakers I'm not sure are that important. Most people have another way to listen to music than through the terrible speakers that nearly all smartphones have. I'd rather they use a poor quality speaker and focus on the camera and a low price :)

  • Reg Joo 2 months ago Link

    4G will be important, more, and more. Carriers will try to phase out 3G, as time goes by. 4G, will become more efficient, and there's a new tech, that makes Li ion batteries, last longer(heard up to 4 times longer, for the same sized battery).

    • User picture
      Scott Adam Gordon 2 months ago Link

      Hey Reg,

      I just heard about that battery technology too! It sounds like it would be great for electric cars, but I certainly wouldn't complain about having 4X longer battery on my smartphone either!

      I don't know how far away it is from being used commercially though :/

  • Stevo Grubor 2 months ago Link

    I am just glad that Google made Moto scrap Motoblur. What the hell were they thinking with that?? And I am still a proud owner of the Motorola Droid X. The Droid X was an awesome phone! But then Moto released the GingerBread update and literally ruined one of the greatest phones of its era. I still have my DX and I ended up rooting it and installed MIUI. Now, its on par with some of the modern phones of today.

    • gaseki 2 months ago Link

      I think that blur was too bloated and unresponsive, that's why google scrapped it. The other thing is that x2 and g2 are most probably the last 2 phones released in collaboration with google, and the next ones will be done by Lenovo. NOW's the question - in the Chinese market phones they use MediaTek processors. Are they going the same lane for the rest of world phones? Certainly hope not.

  • User picture
    Yanwyn 1 month ago Link

    I'd be curious to see one, but I've just got my Moto G 4G LTE, which I like a lot! I have no interest in a double SIM phone anyway. Not impressed with it's slightly larger size neither. Quite content with the little bugger I've got thanks.

    • User picture
      Scott Adam Gordon 1 month ago Link

      I'm a fan of the larger display, but the dual SIM support doesn't really appeal to me either :/

  • Manish Kumar 1 month ago Link

    Woah!! AndroidPit is really catching the race now =D

  • gsuveg 1 month ago Link

    how much faster wil be be the new G2 over the G1?
    as i see the cpu / battery is the same. bigger screen, bigger camera...

  • rahul bj 1 month ago Link

    price please