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Parachute Free - Surviving Freefall

Yan Matusevich

Earn points and avoid obstacles while in freefall with Parachute Free. This Android game belongs to the so-called jumping games category which includes such famous titles as Abduction!, Doodle Jump and NinJump. Now it’s time to see how Parachute Free compares to the rest in today’s test. Read on to find out what this game has to offer.


3 ★★★☆☆


Tested version Latest version
1.1.6 Varies with device

Features & Use

If you’re a fan of jumping games, there’s no way around Abduction! (check out our Abduction test) or Doodle Jump. The idea behind Parachute Free is similar except instead of jumping up you are falling down.

The silly cow from Abduction! jumps from platform to platform, hoping to finally reach its space ship destination. Your goal is to avoid all the obstacles, collect all the goodies, and avoid falling – all done by tiling your phone.

In Parachute Free, you’re put in the shoes of a parachute jumper trying desperately to land without any broken bones. Along your journey to the ground, you have to maneuver around platforms, shooting canons, spikes etc. Every collision will cost you points and perhaps even your life.

Make sure to collect the boxes marked with question marks along your prolonged fall. They are filled with goodies such as bonus points and other useful items that can accelerate your trajectory through the air.

The Parachute Free version of the game includes five different areas (Mountains, Jungle, Deser, Area 51, Space) with a total of 10 levels. You can add your collected points to the high score and compare your results with other players. This game offers separate levels geared towards kids and adults. In the kids mode, the levels are more simple and require less concentration.

For a game that’s trying to compete with Abduction! and Doddle Jump, Parachute Free just doesn’t make the cut. Abduction!, for instance, includes a ton of levels even in its free version. As far as the graphics are concerned, both Abduction and Doodle Jump look more detailed and stylish. Interested in a little more action? Then you should check out NinJump from BackFlip Studios. In any case, Parachute Free may be good enough to kill some time, but it can’t really compete with the big shots. As a sidenote, Parachute’s full version offers a total of 40 levels to play.


  • 10 levels in the free version
  • Different worlds


  • Touching the sensor or trackpad button force closes the game
  • Integrated ads


Screen & Controls

Detailed like in the Super Nintendo Days
Despite the overall cuteness and attention to detail, the overall choice of graphics looks a bit unprofessional and amateur. Parachute Free isn’t a bad game, but other developers have already accomplished much better things with similar game concepts.

Move to the Left, Move to the Right
You control your parachute jumper by tilting your Android device. This type of control is very intuitive and is a lot more phone than having to complete the level using a joystick. Tilting your phone forward slows down your fall, which gives you more time to avoid obstacles and collect bonus points.


Speed & Stability

Parachute Free runs without any speed problems. In the menu, the app unexpectedly quits every time you press the trackball or sensor button depending on your phone model. Otherwise, everything runs smoothly and reliably.


Price/Performance Ratio

The integrated ads don’t get in the way of making a safe landing at the end of the level.

Parachute Free can be downloaded for free from the App Center or Android Market.




Parachute Free - Surviving Freefall Parachute Free - Surviving Freefall Parachute Free - Surviving Freefall Parachute Free - Surviving Freefall

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