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PlayStation Trophies FREE - practical but needs a lot of work urgently

Loie Favre (translation)

Social networks are today's internet reps and have become replacements for recreational activities in this day and age. Video games and consoles like Xbox, Playstation and co. have become indispensable for many people. Nevertheless it took quite a long time for the internet and the consoles we love to become connected. It wasn't until the current generation of consoles that this gaming culture really got involved with social networks and put these tools to use. Now you can grab trophies and challenge friends as well as prove your gaming skills. Today we will be testing PlayStation Trophies FREE which displays Sony's trophies (Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita).

PlayStation Trophies FREE
2 ★★☆☆☆


  • Does the basic things
  • Quick access to trophies
  • Terrible design
  • A few mistakes
  • Slow reaction time
Tested on Android Version Root Modifications Tested version Latest version
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 4.1.2 Yes Perseus Kernel 2.4.9 2.5.3

Features & Use

It really is great to have been able to experience the development of technology in the last few years. As someone who barely lived in the 80's, I grew up with Super Nintendo, Gameboy Color and co. And I often carry on conversations that many of you probably recognize, starting with "yesterday when I was playing Game XYZ, I was able to do something really cool!'' You just weren't able to prove it in the past. With trophies, this problem has been eliminated. When registering with this cool service, you can now show your friends exactly what you've achieved.

This is the case with PlayStation trophies FREE app. Basically, you just need to open the Playstation website on either PC, smartphone or tablet, all options work generally the same. The desktop version however isn't well optimized for smartphones, while in the mobile version, there are no details displayed about the trophies. In any case, an app which is well-made and offers extra added value is better than the mobile webpage.

PS Trophies Banner002
Despite the many problems, the most important parts worked. © AndroidPIT

PlayStation Trophies FREE is sadly a double-edged sword. The app does what it should: simply enter a Playstation ID (username / gamertag) to quickly see player games and trophies including a description of the trophies (English only). So far, so good, you might think. Unfortunately, however, the problems start piling up here. Often trophies cannot be loaded or now and again the Playstation ID cannot be found. The function, which should apparently compare two profiles against each other, didn't work at all. If you want to ''bookmark'' a profile, this didn't work at all when trying to select one. It wouldn't jump to another profile, nor would it compare two of them. Other, mostly minor problems will be discussed in their respective categories.

PS Trophies Banner001
The design has a few good points, though the odd Stars Wars text and ugly buttons are really negative points. © AndroidPIT

Otherwise, you can still sort games (progress, last played, alphabetical order, platform), share automatically generated screenshots of trophies, and change the background of the app.

Screen & Controls

Unfortunately PlayStation Trophies FREE is really reminiscent of the early days of Android: the design was a good idea, but should nevertheless be highly polished. The buttons and many items in the app are rough and should be addressed urgently. Swiping through the various games is extremely choppy and sometimes the game image moves to the right and gets ''stuck''. Otherwise, the controls are fine, and the design could be better.

Speed & Stability

Again, there are problems: PlayStation Trophies FREE crashed twice during the test and three times the whole screen went black for about 10 seconds. As already mentioned, players and trophies aren't found on the first try. The app also reacts much slower than it should.

Price/Performance Ratio

PlayStation Trophies FREE is available free of charge in the AndroidPIT App Center app and the Google Play Store. However, it consistently displays an advertizing bar.

Final Verdict

PlayStation Trophies FREE does have a few good points. However, there are some things that need urgent attention. Comparing players doesn't work, the design could be better, which a few tweaks could fix. The app's stability and speed are not great. You can only use the app for its basic functions. Nevertheless, I can't even give this app three stars because of the all the problems needing immediate attention.

(originally by Thomas Weissenbacher)

Comparable Apps

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