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pocket.do - SMS ↔ Browser

Jay O. (translation)

In this day and age of virtuality and the comfort of remote control options, some will say that having to actually physically reach for one's smartphone every time there is an incoming text message or because you want to check a pic you shot with your mobile device is somewhat of a hassle.

Luckily, apps that serve as remote controls are a-plenty, and today we're taking a closer look at pocket.do - SMS ↔ Browser.


3 ★★★☆☆


Tested version Latest version
1.12 1.12

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Galaxy S3
Android version: 4.0.4
Root: Yes
Modifications: None

Setting up pocket.do - SMS ↔ Browser is nice and simple (and we go into more detail in the following category).

The app itself harbours only three options for syncing photos. Most of the functionality is harboured on the web interface, so log in, select the device you want and you will see the following five options:

  • SMS
  • Contacts
  • Photos
  • Locate
  • Spy-Cam

Check out your conversation threads and compose new text messages using the SMS option. Incoming messages are displayed within seconds without having to update the page. Nicely done!
The option to send a new SMS to a contact with whom you have not yet started a conversation takes a bit longer to find. In order to send a new SMS, erase the current convo from the input field and add the new contact. Sending the SMS then starts up a new conversation.

Unfortunately, the contact view did not score as high in our books. Contacts are sorted into groups, meaning every single contact you've ever exchanged one single SMS with is listed here. Mercifully there is a search option, but overall I wish this section were more neatly organised, or rather that there were more available options for managing one's contacts. If you wish to manage your contacts you can do so via this Google page.

On a brighter note, we really liked the photo managing function. Check out your smartphone photo albums as well as all pics saved to your Android device. Photos are shown in full screen mode and you can even edit images, change effects or share with friends (via Facebook or by sharing links).

Locating your phone works as it should, but strikes me as being more of a gimmick. If you're looking for real security software I recommend avast!. However, if you just want a function that helps you locate your phone when you can't remember which jacket pocket you last had it in, PocketDo is the ticket.

The Spy-Cam feature is pretty cool as it allows you to activate your phone's camera from afar. That said, the camera app also snaps on on the device itself, meaning your secret surveillance isn't quite as subtle as you may have hoped. Still, it's a fun gimmick if ever you're in the mood for playing pranks.

Bottom line:

pocket.do - SMS ↔ Browser is a good photo manager and the SMS function is useful, but the other features are more decorative or rather there are other apps available that do certain jobs better. That said, if you're on the market for an all-in-one type deal PocketDo may be just the thing!

MMS can't be sent, unfortunately.


Screen & Controls

Using pocket.do - SMS ↔ Browser is child's play. Start up the app and identify yourself via Facebook, Google or QR code. Once that's done you need only select which services are to be used. Next, open your browser and the pocket.do website on your computer, log in using the same account and let the remote control begin!

Using the web client is just as simple as the mobile app, and it looks nice and sleek to boot!


Speed & Stability

pocket.do - SMS ↔ Browser performed nicely throughout our test runs. The remote control worked out well even when connected via 3G.


Price/Performance Ratio

pocket.do - SMS ↔ Browser is free and available from the App Center—that's what we love to see!


(originally by Christian Brüggemann)


pocket.do - SMS ↔ Browser pocket.do - SMS ↔ Browser pocket.do - SMS ↔ Browser

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