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QR Code Scanner - QR Pal: Your Good and Loyal Friend

Yan Matusevich

Ever since Android smartphones have made become a part of our daily lives, QR codes have cropped up on the pages of magazines, newspapers and billboards in cities worldwide. This quirky dotted squares pack more information than a regular barcode and can be used to gain quick access to information on your smartphone.

So a QR Code Scanner is an absolute must for every smartphone user. But which one should you go for when there are so many different choices out there? Find out if QR Code Scanner - QR Pal is good enough to make the cut in today's review.

3 ★★★☆☆


Tested version Latest version
1.0.7 1.1

Features & Use

QR Code Scanner - QR Pal is a just a QR code scanner, plain and simple. All it does is allow users to scan and read codes and barcodes to access hidden information.

Doesn't sound very impressive, right? Well, it isn't. The scanner is well-designed, but QR Pal has a whole lot of competitors out there such as Barcoo, Barcode Scanner and Google Goggles.

What QR Pal brings to the table is a set of small but interesting features. QR Pal does a good job of automatically categorizing your QR-Codes based on their content which is a great feature. This keeps all your shopping QR codes apart from your Android app QR codes for example.

QR Pal also brings you all the latest – you guessed it – QR code news from across the internet. Some of them are serious (like the one about Subway introducing QR codes) and others are just funny and totally out there.

Finally, the app also allows you to make payments using QR codes which works great assuming you have a PayPal account. And just when you thought things were just about done here, QR also allows you to share your scans via social networks and collect special QR Code points for reedeamable rewards (what the rewards actually are isn't mentioned anywhere).

But that's the biggest problem with QR Pal – it just doesn't really stand out from the rest of the QR scanners. In terms of functions and performance, QR Pal works just as well (but not any better) than any of its competitors.

Although QR Pal managed to recognize all five codes, but provided very few related links and price comparisons on the scanned product. Now that's an important drawback in comparison to Barcoo and Goggles.

That just goes to show that QR Pal is a great QR code scanner, but it just stand out in the crowd of other barcode scanners. And to make things worse, QR Pal is shooting itself in the foot by forcing users to register with them before they can start using the app. Now who wants to register just to scan a QR code?

I think it's really counter-productive and not very intelligent to force users to create an account with QR Pal. After all, it comes as a total surprise since you are not warned about it in the app description on the market.

Bottom Line:

It's a great app all in all because it does exactly what it's supposed to. Anyone who doesn't like the registration requirement or is looking for more features – QR Pal is not the right choice for you. But for everyone else that's an active QR scanner and don't mind the registration procedure – QR Pal will be a reliable and loyal tool.

Screen & Controls

There is nothing to complain about here: QR Code Scanner - QR Pal gives off an amazing impression and vibe. The menus are intuitive and look great. Obviously, a lot of work in terms of design and structure has been put into this app. You will also probably notice that the general look and feel of the app is very iPhone-esque. This may annoy some people, but it definitely looks solid and respectable.

Speed & Stability

The app speed is a teeny bit too slow, but everything else works fine and it's not very noticeable. Another great thing is that QR Code Scanner - QR Pal never crashes.

Price/Performance Ratio

QR Code Scanner - QR Pal is available for free and without any ads from the AndroidPIT App Center.


QR Code Scanner - QR Pal: Your Good and Loyal Friend QR Code Scanner - QR Pal: Your Good and Loyal Friend QR Code Scanner - QR Pal: Your Good and Loyal Friend QR Code Scanner - QR Pal: Your Good and Loyal Friend QR Code Scanner - QR Pal: Your Good and Loyal Friend

Comparable Apps

No comparable apps are currently known to us. If you happen to know one, it would be great if you could get in touch with us.


QR Code Pal

Scan, Store and Share QR Codes with QR Pal.


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