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Quickoffice Pro (Office & PDF) - A Godsend For Documents On Your Android!

Yan Matusevich

Your laptop battery dying earlier than expected is one of those frustrating moments in life. It's a potential catastrophe for people on a tight schedule. So how do you finish that important report for work without your laptop? Quickoffice Pro (Office & PDF) could be a potential lifesaver if you have access to your saved document via a Dropbox, for example. With QuickOffice it's possible to edit and compose documents on your smartphone screen.

Find out how practical the app can be in real life in today's review!

4 ★★★★


Tested version Latest version
4.0.120 - AM 5.5.209

Features & Use

Quickoffice Pro (Office & PDF) is one of the leading word processors for Android. The full functionality is amazing and a great number of Android phones come with the lite version preinstalled. I tested the app with every possible document type and in all the different formats available. Based on my trial, I realized that Open Office documents were not supported by the app. Every other possible format, however, worked perfectly.

First off, I gave Excel spreadsheets a try. Graphs and charts are displayed fully and without any problems. All of the spreadsheet boxes are displayed vertically in a row as tabs. Above the chart you'll find the f(x) field. Selecting multiple boxes or fields is also very easy. With just one tap, you can expand text fields in order to edit them.

A whole range of additional functions appears at the press of the menu button:

  • Adjust format of individual cell
  • Search
  • Undo/Redo
  • Insert Row/Column
  • Add URL

Moving on to the word documents: text and pictures are displayed in full splendor without any formatting issues. Use multi-touch to zoom in and out of the document with ease.
Text editing is just as simple as writing a regular email with your Android phone.
Here again you can access more functions via the menu button:

  • Insert Picture
  • Adjust text format
  • Jump to a specific page
  • Read document out load (if text-to-speech is enabled)

The app can also open PDF files, but you won't be able to edit them. You can read documents full-screen for a more comfortable read. Bookmarks can be added and you can search through PDF files just as you would a normal Word document.

PowerPoint presentations can be edited and adjusted using the app as well. Everything works exactly as you are used to from your desktop office programs. By pressing the menu button you can:

  • Add a slide
  • Add a picture
  • Go to a specific slide
  • Start a presentations

The last feature is especially useful for those of you that need to show a presentation quickly and on the go using your phone's HDMI outlet.

The app may not offer any customization features, but it's got amazing integration with a number of popular cloud services!
In the Account section in the main menu, you can add account of different synch services. Google Docs, Dropbox, box, huddle, SugarSync and mobile me – all can be synched with Quickoffice Pro.

After you've successfully logged in, all your synched documents will appear in your document list. Documents can then be downloaded, opened and saved to your Android phone.

Be advised: Large and complex documents tend to look cluttered on small screens. It's a matter of personal preference whether you can deal with the small screen size for your documents.

Bottom Line: QuickOffice is a feature-packed app that's got everything an Android word processor could ever ask for. The app is great for mobile use, but obviously cannot replace the full desktop version.

Screen & Controls

It takes just a couple of seconds to familiarize yourself with the app's controls. The menu button is always the go-to place for all your functions. So you can forget about long searches and confusing menus: opening, creating and editing documents couldn't be any easier.

Visually, Quickoffice Pro (Office & PDF) looks like a regular word processor. Enough said.

Speed & Stability

Normal-sized documents open and load very quickly. The scrolling is also fairly smooth. The only problems occur when you open files with large pictures and graphics. QQuickoffice Pro (Office & PDF) can get a bit sloppy with these more challenging documents.

Thankfully, the app is never slow or irresponsive. The app never crashed during my test. Amen!

Price/Performance Ratio

Quickoffice Pro (Office & PDF) normally comes with a rather hefty price tag: $9.99 (7,79 €) ! Is the price worth it? It really depends on how often you use the app. If having this app is a must for work, then it makes sense to invest the money to purchase it.

As our App of Week, you can get QuickOffice® Pro for just $4,99 (3,79 €) exclusively through our App Center!


Quickoffice Pro (Office & PDF) - A Godsend For Documents On Your Android! Quickoffice Pro (Office & PDF) - A Godsend For Documents On Your Android! Quickoffice Pro (Office & PDF) - A Godsend For Documents On Your Android! Quickoffice Pro (Office & PDF) - A Godsend For Documents On Your Android!

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  • Danny Jul 12, 2011 Link

    Would appreciate it if you could give your thoughts on Quick Office vs Documents To Go.

  • Ali Al Shaghab Jul 16, 2011 Link

    it is good but not support arabic

  • Joel Aleman Aug 5, 2011 Link

    muy buena aplicacion realmente es impresionante

  • Graham S Oct 29, 2011 Link

    will this work on an advent vega pad?

  • mandi phillips May 7, 2012 Link


  • stewart borland May 31, 2012 Link

    Loved it on my Sensation XE but it won't load on my new One X :( Anybody know when Android 4 version is coming out?



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