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Rescue@ - Help them help you!

Jay O.

There are always situations that arise in which every second counts. Minutes that can influence a person’s life, which is why ambulances and firemen race down the streets at such high speed. Your Android phone can help you in such situations as well, and not only when it comes to dialing the emergency numbers. Read on to find out what Rescue@ can do to minimize those crucial seconds.

3 ★★★☆☆


Tested version Latest version
1.0 1.2

Features & Use

Your heart is beating, you can feel your pulse, you break into a sweat, and feel completely helpless. Perhaps you’ve felt this way before. These are extreme situations in which every second counts. What’s crucial is how fast you react. Rescue@ can help you react faster and better in some situations.

Rescue@ combines reaching an emergency number selected by you with finding the positioning of your Android phone. Decide which number will be your emergency number (911 or something else). Once you’ve selected a number the app’s useful aspect kicks in: every time you call the emergency number GPS or network locator will position your phone.

The app displays the coordinates of your standpoint, the precision of the locating, and the time of the entry. That’s well and good, but when you’re in a bind you don’t have time to start up an application and hope for the best. This is why the app hooks up the number you’ve selected with your address book as soon as you dial. It doesn’t matter which dialer you use.

What happens next will definitely help you when you’re in tricky situations and really don’t have a clue where you are. Your location is displayed in a window automatically, without you having to do anything, provided you activated network location beforehand. If you didn’t, never fear, Rescue@ is a clever app. When it’s building your connection it checks whether network or GPS locating is activated, and if is isn’t Rescue@ will ask you if you’d like to activate it.

What comes next is pretty basic. Enter your coordinates and cross your fingers that help is on its way. If the coordinates aren’t sufficient you can also access Google Maps via the app and have your position displayed on a map. Very convenient, and it works very effectively.


• Fast localization in emergency situations
• Controls are easy to use
• Fast connection to Google Maps


• Price
• Google Maps can’t be activated using the dialer
• Doesn’t display street names, only coordinates

Screen & Controls

The app’s design is stylish and minimalist. The way the coordinates are displayed in the dialer is clever. There’s a transparent bar at the top of the screen, showing you all relevant and important information.

Enter a number and dial. That’s all you have to do, which means that very little can go wrong. The coordinates will be displayed while you’re taking your call or else you can simply look them up in the app itself.

Speed & Stability

No problems whatsoever with Rescue@, good general performance.

Price/Performance Ratio

You can purchase Rescue@ for £2,10 (ca. € 2,40) in the Android Market.


Rescue@ - Help them help you! Rescue@ - Help them help you! Rescue@ - Help them help you!

Comparable Apps

No comparable apps are currently known to us. If you happen to know one, it would be great if you could get in touch with us.


Favourite Systems AS

Norwegian software house specializing in mobile phones.

E-mail developer Developer profile


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  • User picture
    Jay O. Oct 26, 2010 Link

    Douglas - I agree that we should discuss a possible half star rating with Sven and Fabi.

    To the developers - thanks very much for the update. Sounds good!

  • Favourite Systems AS Oct 26, 2010 Link

    Just wanted to notify people reading this review that we just updated the application. News in this update is:

    * Address look-up. The application will now show the address of your current location in addition to your coordinates.

    * List of numbers. You are now able to add new phone numbers in addition to the default 112 emergency number, instead of just modifying the one number.

    * React to all emergency numbers. The application will now react on all numbers your phone recognizes as an emergency number and show you your position.

  • Douglas Carter Oct 18, 2010 Link

    Glad to see that the test report got made so quickly. The 3 star rating makes me think that maybe half star ratings should be looked into by Sven for the ratings system. Anyways, good review.