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Samsung Galaxy S5 to have metal chassis?

Sterling Keys

Rumors, rumors, and more rumors. They’re basically a constant when it comes to high school drama and of course, tech news. In the latest iteration of possibilities and what-ifs, we’ve been getting reports that the next iteration of the Galaxy line-up, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to be making the shift to a metal chassis. 

Teaserfoto KameratestS3
Will Samsung opt to move away from their love for plastic in the latest Galaxy iteration? / © AndroidPIT

Reports are also swirling around that the production of said chassis is expected to occur later on in the year and that a sample has already been sent to a factory in Vietnam.

One of the oddest things about this rumor is that whenever questioned about the material used in their devices, Samsung always skirts on the defensive of their choice of plastic. While it doesn’t offer the same sturdiness as a metal chassis, you can’t complain about being able to have removable and replaceable batteries and also allow for microSD expansion possibilities.

one mini s4 mini
Will Samsung opt to head in the same direction that HTC has for their flagship devices? / © Hersteller/AndroidPIT

However, if Samsung does actually opt for a metal / aluminum chassis over a plastic on, we can probably bet on it still being able to be removed to get at the battery. As well, let’s just hope that Samsung avoids the radio issues that seem to be plagued by smartphones getting the metal treatment (I'm looking at you Apple).

What do you think? Would you rather see Samsung add some metal chassises on their higher end devices or are you content with the plastic bodies they’ve had until now?

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  • Dayle Steele Aug 29, 2013 Link

    For me I would go for quality plastic any day. I dropped my Galaxy once and smashed the screen. but the plastic body came away unmarked. dont think that would be the case with aluminum. I think though Samsung should sell an aluminium body side by side with plastic and give the customer the option and see which proves more popular

  • Stan Jez Aug 30, 2013 Link

    I'm happy with what we have. argument about quality seem moot when I place a third party cover on it anyway. in any case.... let me have easy access to the battery and SIM cards.

  • Philipp Junghannß (My1) Aug 30, 2013 Link

    I like the plastic more
    but @OP

    "(I'm looking at your Apple)."
    even if it is grammr technically correct, normmaly shouldnt this specific sentece be
    I'm looking at you, Apple
    or sth. like that???

  • Sterling Keys Aug 30, 2013 Link

    After having iOS devices, I'm not a fan of a device with a metal/glass chassis just out of the sheer fear of them falling and cracking/splinting/breaking. Of course, I do always put my phones and tablets into protective cases once I get them...

  • Philipp Junghannß (My1) Aug 30, 2013 Link

    but then we can also take plastic coz the case takes away the so-called "valuable feeling" something I think that it's ridiculous...

  • Alexandr Boriskin Aug 30, 2013 Link

    i dropped my Droid Razzr 5-6times from the high of the ear not counting small drops from pocket and alluminum +small bump before glass doing their job 100%. and since Motorola made Razzr not as other shapes im never using case as phone looks perfect and feel perfect in the hand . only time im using case if we are going out and need to take credit card with me but now whole wallet. Simple choice make beautiful phones and ppl will not hide them under 3rd party cases.

  • Philipp Junghannß (My1) Aug 30, 2013 Link

    you dont even need 3rd Party cases. Note 2 for example has nice enough cases from Samsung themselves...

  • Marvin Cox Aug 30, 2013 Link

    "For me I would go for quality plastic any day. I dropped my Galaxy once and smashed the screen. but the plastic body came away unmarked. dont think that would be the case with aluminum. I think though Samsung should sell an aluminium body side by side with plastic and give the customer the option and see which proves more popular" I agree with Mr.Steele here give us the choice. No two people are the same so why should we not be able to add one more freedom of choice element.

  • Jon Garrett Aug 30, 2013 Link

    Its not even Samsung or Android fans who cry over plastic phones. this is all stuff started by apple fans who have nothing to say about their iPhones other than what they're made off. every time I see one of these stories about Samsung using plastic vs metal., the overwhelming majority of the comments are in favor of plastic over metal--and for the obvious reason.

  • Bojan M. Aug 30, 2013 Link

    As many already pointed out, plastic all the way. For obvious reasons too. Also, I approve of what Mr. Jon Garrett said.
    And some people actually think their metallic phones are safer. It's the other way around. Metal is rigid and all of the impact of the fall transfers through it in all it's strength to the inside parts of the phone and the glass (as the easiest breakable part of the phone). Plastic, with its natural elasticity, makes the strength of the impact lesser. I guess kevlar or some special carbon fiber cases would be better than high quality plastic, but just maybe, no proof for that. Apple started this metal casing bullsh*t.

  • Philipp Junghannß (My1) Aug 31, 2013 Link

    also about plastic, the iphone users dont have a reason to argue, look @iphone 3 and 3s they had the same glossy pastic as the samsungs.
    but about the plastic, a non glossy variant would be nice, such as the grey Galaxy Tab 2 Variants,,,

  • Mikhail Seletkoff Sep 3, 2013 Link

    Would it be possible to add a layer of rubber under the metal chassis to absorb any impact from a fall? I prefer the look and feel of metal to plastic but not at the risk of a fragile phone. I like the Kevlar idea - don't Motorola do that already?

  • Christopher Navarro Sep 4, 2013 Link

    Come on ppl, are engineers for building a cellphones becoming "duh". If they could make a soaceship, I think they could figure out a way to make the metal case to come off to change the battery and SD card. What about this; put a tab in the back of the phone were you can screw to right lock it and screw to the left to release the back case. Make sure it is evenly leveled and you could put or fit your own finger nail to turn the screw. Don't and pls don't be like the over rate iPhone. Thank you \(^0^)人(^0^)/

  • Clive Richards Sep 5, 2013 Link

    This would only interest me if they introduced a body that was as light or lighter than the current plastic one and which could not easily scratch. I wish people could get over their association between plastic and cheap. Quality plastic mouldings are anything but cheap these days and a back plate that comes on and off easily without breaking any lugs and at the same time stays on when it is supposed to is pretty mean engineering. The iphone despite its smaller screen feels in weight like a brick to me compared to my S3.
    As for aluminium I loath the feel of it and it scratches far too easily to be really servicable.
    Plastic is used nowadays because it is a practical and attractive light material (easy to replace too if you do break it) so please stop calling it cheap.

  • Philipp Junghannß (My1) Sep 5, 2013 Link

    @Clive you can say that again, and about glass we dont even need a conversation...

  • soul mate Sep 18, 2013 Link

    well I think plastic is much better than metal considering the fact that its an electronic device and it shud be perfectly insulated which ultimately prevents u from any kind of shock ie why they keep coming with plastic devices .

  • Philipp Junghannß (My1) Sep 19, 2013 Link