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Shopper's Paradise

Jay O.

Build your very own shopping center and ensure that your customers have a diversified shopping experience! Don’t forget to keep a vigilant eye on your competition, otherwise you’ll be out of business faster than you think.

Just as in real life, what counts in Shopper’s Paradise is to think strategically and manage your time wisely. So, if you’re someone who likes games that challenge your strategic thinking and time management skills give Shopper’s Paradise a try.

This review was written by Paulina Gegenheimer, a high school student and true Android fan.

3 ★★★☆☆


Tested version Latest version
1.06 1.09

Features & Use

The goal is to make a certain amount of money within a set time frame using the seed capital you are given and taking a bunch of other criteria into account.
In the demo version you can choose between three different maps of locations. These maps are not the same size, thus each map offers a different amount of available shop spaces.

Once you’ve decided on a map you have to select whether you want to attempt the Easy, Normal, or Hard version before you can start playing. The difference between these three options is the amount of seed capital you’ll have to start out with, as well as having to fulfill different obligations.

If you go for Easy you’ll have quite a chunk of money to start out with and not that many obligations. Use the money to rent store spaces and open up shops. You can either go into retail (fashion, shoes), or else opt to invest in entertainment-oriented business such as movie theaters or food and drinks like ice cream or coffee.

Choose between 11 different types of shops. The cost for different types of shops varies and it is only possible to purchase a space when you have sufficient funds. If a business isn’t bringing in enough money you can always sell it and get some money back. However, if you opt to sell a shop take into account that it will then belong to your competition and you won’t be able to repurchase it for two days. If you don’t want to sell you can also Demolish a business in order to make room for something new. This costs money, however, and it isn’t always the smartest way to go about things.

You can also Upgrade your business’s management. This means that your shop will reach another Level (and get another star) and you’ll have more space for customers and make a bigger profit. In order to upgrade your shop has to have been around for a while and has to already have made a certain amount of money. The amount of stars in front of a shop indicates what Level it has reached. A small light in the lower right corner of the shop lets you know if the you can sell, upgrade or demolish it: if it’s green you can make changes, if it’s red you can’t.

There are different goals: sometimes it isn’t only about making a certain amount of money in a given amount of time (one day is qualified by the when the first customers arrive and when there’s no one left in the shop), but also about not letting your competition open up new business or making sure all of your business have reached level three.

This calls for skilled and thoughtful playing and I really enjoyed it as it offers a varied playing experience (at least at the beginning). All in all I would recommend Shopper’s Paradise.

Screen & Controls

Shopper’s Paradise’s instructions are very precise and thorough.

Pick the store you want to operate at the beginning of the game by tapping on the corresponding field. A whole bunch of models of different shops will appear.
The ones that you can’t yet afford will be displayed very faintly. Once you’ve opened up your shop you can click on it in order to view a comprehensive menu that shows you what the shop’s capacity is as well as the price of all the products, the revenue of the day and week, and the other options.

Your shop’s current Level is also displayed. Click Cancel in order to get back to the main screen and view the income and the amount of days left in the upper right corner. When you press on the Start button in the lower right corner the doors will open and customers (in the shape of little moving dots) can come in. You automatically make money when a customer steps into your shop.

If your phone is hibernating the game is automatically paused. Press Resume in order to continue. Each day you are reminded what your goal is and told how many days are left to reach said goal. Every time you win it is noted on the map. If you happen to lose you can simply try again.

Speed & Stability

I didn’t encounter any problems regarding speed or stability whilst testing this application. Everything ran smoothly and quickly and there weren’t any loading times. I tested the app on my G1.

Price/Performance Ratio

The demo version is available for free in the Market. The full version costs $2,99.


Shopper's Paradise Shopper's Paradise Shopper's Paradise Shopper's Paradise Shopper's Paradise Shopper's Paradise Shopper's Paradise

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