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Stargate Command - Adapted from the original TV series

Loie Favre (translation)

Thanks to the thousands of fans, the Stargate series: SG1 has long received cult status. Unfortunately it was canceled in 2007 after 10 seasons. Many spin-offs followed, but they were never the same. That being said, there's been an official Stargate Command app for quite some time now, adapted from the original series and we tested it out for you.

3 ★★★☆☆


Tested version Latest version
1.2.1 Varies with device

Features & Use

Test devices
Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Android version: 4.1.2
Modifications: none

App Details
applicable as of: depends on the device
Size after installation: about 318 MB
Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean optimized: yes

Network Communications
System tools
Hardware steering elements

Authorization summary
Stargate Command's authorizations showed no sign of abnormality.

I can easily describe myself as a huge Stargate fan. There's hardly been any other sci-fi series that has brought together so many different elements: strange yet trusted cultures, action, excitement and also a lot of humor. For those who don't know Stargate, it's about a door that was discovered in the 1920s in Egypt. They discovered that the people from ancient times were enslaved by an alien race, who used the so-called Stargates to travel across the universe. In the 90s, they discovered the key to the stargate's functions and built a facility that carried out missions to other planets. The ancient people that had been abducted from the earth live on one of these other worlds. What's really cool is that the series' main story was spread over many episodes.

But enough about the series itself. I was surprised that after so many years a Stargate Command app appeared in the Google Play store. As a fan, I had to install it right away. After starting up the app, you're instantly welcomed by the series' memorable title music. You'll find yourself back in the Stargate center, which was re-built true to the original in a limited area (Stargate room, command and conference rooms). You're free to walk around in these areas (they didn't turn out very big) and you'll find many different interactive objects, which are reminiscent of the television series. In one room, you'll find artwork from the show, which can only be unlocked with money.

There's also two extra mini games: ''Teal'C's Revenge'' is a battle game where one of the main character, Teal'C, needs to battle more and more Jaffars (the slave subordinates) from the alien race in duels. These battles are repeated quite often and get harder in the course of the game, because the enemies acquire new kinds of assaults. The acquired points can be exchanged for upgrading skills. Now and then, there will be a boss battle and a small exercise to loosen up. During these exercises, you'll need to eliminate replicators (a type of robot-spider) that come out of the Stargate. Teal'C's Revenge and the art room need to be bought for 1.16 USD.

The second mini-game brings something really unexpected to the game: golf! The point of the game is to aim at the circle in the center of the Stargate, which will move around in more difficult levels. Golf actually doesn't go with the Stargate: SG1 game at all. On the other hand, there's one episode where the Colonel Jack O'Neill and Teal'C are trapped in a time warp and simply get up to some mischief where they start throwing golf balls through the Stargate.

Bottom Line

First of all, I find it great that after so many years they've finally made an official app adapted from the series. For fans it's a definite must, especially since the Stargate Center and the mini-games are completely free. That being said, the game in its complete form doesn't convince me. The mini-games are nice, but get boring very quickly. The battles in ''Teal'C's Revenge'' could be more diverse and its animation, which is the same throughout, could be changed up a bit. For those who like Stargate, you should get the app. If you are a super-fan, you'll also appreciate the mini-games.

Screen & Controls

Stargate Command looks good consistently throughout the course of the game. The Stargate Center is a little too bright and the accessible areas are too small, though it will make many fans feel right at home. The battle games look pretty good, even if Teal'C could look more like his original character from the series. The controls were well made. Only walking around the Stargate center couldd have used more direct steering. You always need to click on the floor first and then you'll be brought directly to where you've indicated.

Speed & Stability

Stargate Command worked without any problems during the course of my test. It was stable and smooth, though the loading time could definitely be quicker.

Price/Performance Ratio

Stargate Command is a free app in the Google Play Store. If you want to play the Teal'C battles or see the artwork, you'll have to pay 1.16 USD, which I don't think is too expensive for what you get.

(originally by Thomas Weissenbacher)


Stargate Command - Adapted from the original TV series Stargate Command - Adapted from the original TV series Stargate Command - Adapted from the original TV series Stargate Command - Adapted from the original TV series

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