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Temple Run – Go, Indy, Go!

Jay O.

Okay, not that Temple Run actually has anything to do with the Indiana Jones franchise,  but you have to admit that visually there are some obvious parallels between the adventure-garments clad protagonist of this Android application and the hottie professor from the movies, who chases after ancient magic tomb relics and fights Nazis.

Temple Run has had a lot of success in the Apple App Store for iOS—and now Temple Run has been released for Android. Some of us have been waiting with baited breath for this—has it been worth the wait? Find out in today's review.


Tested version Latest version
1.0.1 1.6.1

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Android version: 4.0.4
Root: Yes
Mods: MCR

The first thing I notice is that there's something about the Temple Run aesthetic (the font, the overall feel) that reminds me not only of Indiana Jones, but of the game Doom. Secondly, I quickly learn that the game itself is as simple as can be: the goal is to evade a bunch of monkeys that are intent on eating you up.

The setting – as the app's name suggests – is a temple and its grounds. Along the way you will encounter lots of obstacles and hurdles which you must overcome by jumping, sliding on the ground and ducking left and right. To do so, simply swype across the screen. The further you advance the more obstacles you will have to contend with.

Try to collect as many coins as possible (by tilting your device left and right) so that you can purchase power ups. These include speeding you up for a 250 metre run and activating other characters.

You can also attain objectives such as 'Sprinter' if you run 1000 metres, or 'Basic Powers' which you will get when you have collected all power ups in level 1.

Gaming stats include your high score, the longest run you've achieved and the amount of coins you've collected.

Bottom line:

Temple Run is an easy-to-play and we predict it will continue on its course of success in the App Store / Play Store. Anyone can pick it up and jump right in, which is part of the appeal, I think. While it isn't my cup of tea, I'm not at all surprised that the game is doing so well: it's well made and a perfect casual game for those 'in between' moments.

Screen & Controls

Temple Run works in a similar way as Angry Birds: controls are simple and intuitive and there are a few key gestures that can be learned and applied easily.

Graphically the game doesn't knock us off our feet, but it's perfectly nice to look at.

Speed & Stability

Temple Run has been running smoothly ever since the update to version 1.0.1. It no longer crashes or lags. It's always nice to see ameliorations being made to an app!

Price/Performance Ratio

Temple Run is available for free, so thumbs up for that. Powerups can be bought with coins you've collected, but you certainly don't need them in order to keep playing.


Temple Run – Go, Indy, Go! Temple Run – Go, Indy, Go! Temple Run – Go, Indy, Go! Temple Run – Go, Indy, Go! Temple Run – Go, Indy, Go! Temple Run – Go, Indy, Go!

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  • Dani Kolarova 4 days ago Link


  • Nelson Ford Dec 10, 2013 Link

    I remember the first day, I play temple run on my phone:) still today I love this game.

  • rhiannon stewart Dec 31, 2012 Link

    I can't get this app on my android???

  • umar azrar Jul 16, 2012 Link

    cant get the blooody app Galaxy S man how can i.get it??

  • User picture
    Jay O. May 26, 2012 Link

    nate, we were able to test it on several Android devices, so the game is definitely available...

  • nate andrusick May 26, 2012 Link

    Cant get it for Android it sucks

  • Elsi Darnita Apr 18, 2012 Link

    tom and jare

  • Ludvig Jokinen Apr 5, 2012 Link

    get it for android appcenter, my Tab cant have regular Android, we got appcenter....

  • User picture
    Jay O. Apr 4, 2012 Link

    No need to wait at all, the app is available for Android so go crazy!

  • jonjon lott Apr 4, 2012 Link

    cant wait