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The Top 20 Best Retro Games For Android

Aaron Tilton

8bit Android and the 20 Best retro old school games for Android

Are you a child of the 80's or 90's and love Android gaming? Do you still dream of the days when games were still in 2D and 8 bit was king? If so you need to check out these 20 games for your favorite Android handset. When our German editor Kamal started putting this list together a couple of days ago, I told him I'd give it a look over, thinking he might get a couple of the highlights but I grew up on Atari, no one knows Retro better then I do, so I just assumed this would need some major editing. Nope. That man has 8 bit in his blood and a Game&Watch on his wrist. So with no further adue, we present AndroidPIT's Top 20 Retro Games you need on your Android phone.

Disclaimer: These lists are always a bit subjective so we may have missed your favorite and if so tell us about it in the comments below. We spent a couple of days searching both Android Market and 3rd party markets for the best retro apps out there. However, we did not include emulators so this isn't a best off retro game list! It's a list of the best Retro Games ported to Android. 

Now that we got that out of he way, lets get to the action.



R-Type: You know it. Your love it. The grandaddy of 2D sidescrolling space shoot'em ups is here with hours of levels, boss fights and power ups to keep you busy saving the universe. Back on the SNES I played this baby till my thumbs bleed and you can too or till your screen breaks (which ever comes first)  Hit the link to download R-type.



Doom: ID's defined the FPS with this ultraviolent (at the time) shooter that kept anyone over the age of 25 busy for hours on end back in the mid 90's. The plot was simple: the forces of hell have invaded Mars and it's up to you, a lone marine and a %&"!-ton of guns to send them back to whens they came. This way to the Doom: Gates of Hell.



Tetris: This one is too famous to require an intro, so here's a fun fact. Being a Russian game at the height of the Cold War, Tetris was the official property of the USSR until it's collapse in '91. Get your fix of the worlds most addictive puzzel game Tetris.



The next classic on the list is Pac Man, the story of a goodly fat man running through a maze munching pills and listening to repetitive electronic music while be pursued by ghosts. Man, now that I think about it classic games are kind of tripy. Anyway, if you don't mind dropping $5 then hit the link for Packman fun!  



Old School Snake

It doesn't get much more simple then this: you have a snake that gets bigger when it eats dots. That's snake or like it's called for Android, Old School Snake. It's a good port even though I do miss the joystick of the old arcade cabinte but if you don't mind playing on a touch screen Old School Snake for Android is here.


6. GALAGON 2004


GALAGA IS HERE FOR ANDROID! This game defines old school gaming fun for me. I don't know how many time I got kicked out of Aladin's Castle at midnight when I was still in grade school. I probably could have paid for my first year of collage with all of the quarters I droped on this one. But thankfully you don't have too! For a paltry $1.50 you can play the King of 80's space shooters, Galaga



bubble Pop Plus

Bubble Pop Plus: A classic idea ported to Android: pop colored bubble with other bubbles, but there's a twist the further you get the hard the basic setup gets. And the App is free!What more do you need? Oh, yeah! The Link Bubble Pop Plus .




In the game which probably is the reason a lot of people joined PETA, you have to help a poor lost litte frog across a busy highway. Yep, it's Frogger for the Android and it doesn't get more retro then this Atari classic. What's best about the deal? It's free too! Frogger is here!



Commander Genius also know as Commander Keen was ID's unlikely start into the DOC PC community. The play slipps on the helmet of  8 year old Billy Blaze, space traveler, world-save and Mario clone. A platformer for Android that just falls short of the origional but at a cost of $0 is well worth the price. Check out Command Genius



Oh, the old game and watch collection. Amusing, frustrating. You turned a complete generation of kids on to gaming and probably scared just as many away.  The free Version of the LCD Retro Games Collection will net you one free game ( LCD Power Racers) and two trial versions (CoconutJoe und LetterShoot) The  pay app for 50 cents will get you all three in their frustrating glory.



Legends of Yore tosses you into the roll of an 8-bit dungener.Be it as  warrior, archer, or wizard your task is the same: defeat evil!  If you just want to give the game a try then check out the free version and try it out till level 20. If you like what you see the full version will only set you back $2, so it well worth the cash.



Gurk 2

And now another rollplaying game, Gurk II, the 8-bit RPG, the 2nd in the Gurk series . Monster, quests, magic und vieles and more make for an exciting adventure. with an old school MIDI-soundtrack for 80's charm makes it well worth the $1 entrance free: Gurk II.


Now lets get to the retro-styled games.



Meganoid is your basic megaman clone with 270 levels to enjoy. If you loved platformer fun of the 80's and 90's Meganoid is for you.



Bloo Kid

Similar to MEGANOID, Bloo Kind is a jump and run game similar to the old Mario series– you jump you run and try to save you girl from the forces of evil. Classic design, classic gameplay, classic fun. Bloo kid can be found in the Android Market. 


Kami Retro

In a mix of Jump and Run play,  Kami Retro is a great example of how old-school graphics still have a place in modern gaming. Kami Retro can be found in our AndroidPIT market.



Replica Island

Replica Island isn't just for fans of Retro games, but also for Android fans as well, because Replica Island puts you in the exoskeleton of our favorite little green android for 40 Levels of run and jump fun.




Chipsound and Gameboy colors, those are the elements of the new TimeChaos.  From the producers of MEGANOID as an homage to the pixelated days of yore, TimeChaos can be found here. 




This ones easy: The pixel balls have to be kept in the air and the more balls means more points for you. It sounds easy and is addictive as hell. Anyone ready to pay $2 for futuristic retro fun should download Juggle right away.



A breakout clone with a nice early Mac-feel, Attack Break Pro gives you brake out fun for free.



Return Zero, is an F-Zero inspired zero-g racer in both free and pay verison. Return Zero (free) and Return Zero Pay 




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