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Tips and Tricks for the Galaxy Note 3

Loie Favre

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been getting all of the attention these days and rightfully so, because it surpasses other smartphones and phablets on the market right now. If you've purchased a Note 3, here are a few tips and tricks that could help improve your user experience.

galaxy note 3 astuces illu
© AndroidPIT

Don't lose your S Pen

This function already existed with the Galaxy Note 2 and it is super practical for all you forgetful types out there. With the Note 3 tucked away in your pocket or purse, it will detect when you move away from your S Pen and inform you of this by setting off an alarm. This feature only works when the screen is off.

  • Settings ► Controls ► S Pen ► Check box for S Pen Keeper
androidpit s pen functions
On the left, you have the box checked for S Pen Keeper to active the alarm, and on the right, the option to deactive Air Command for when the S Pen is removed from the Note 3. © AndroidPIT

Deactivate the automatic start of Air Command

In order to deactivate the automatic launch of Air Command when taking out the stylus:

Settings ► Control ► S Pen ► Pen detachment options ► None

Use your Galaxy Note 3 with gloves

The Note 3 will also allow you to modify the sensitivity of the touch screen so that it will react even when you are wearing gloves.

  • Settings ► Controls ► Increase touch sensitivity ► Check box to activate

Activate one-handed operation (resets the dimensions for the Note 3's screen)

The advantages of having the Note 3's screen size can quickly turn into a disadvantage, especially when it comes to one handed operation. Thankfully, Samsung has integrated an option that will reduce the screen size when desired and allow you to change it to the position that best suits you.

  • Settings ► Controls ► One-handed operation
  • Check the box for Use all screens
  • Check the other boxes for the apps whose dimensions you would like to have change when they are launched

After this has been done, you need to swipe from the right hand edge of the device to the left and quickly back off the screen to the right in one movement, which will cause it to go the right. Do it the other way around for it to go to the left.

androidpit one hand operation
You can choose to have many apps and even the home screen window adapt to one hand usage. © AndroidPIT

Adjust display saturation and contrast

Ok, the Note 3's screen is truly a gem, and as we are used to with Samsung, it's super bright. For those who don't actually like it that way, there exists a few different display modes.

  • Settings ► Device ► Display ► Screen Mode
androidpit display mode
If you're no fan of super bright screens, here is how to adjust it. © AndroidPIT

Reduce the intensity of the vibration

If you feel like there's an earthquake every time your Note 3 vibrates, there does in fact exist a way to reduce its intensity:

  • Settings ► Device ► Sound ► Vibration intensity
androidpit vibrate intensity
Nope, that's not an earthquake, it's your phone. You can lower the intensity in the settings. © AndroidPIT

Display the percentage of remaining battery on your notification bar

Like the title're starting to get the hang of it:

  • Settings ► Device ► Display ► Check the box for display battery percentage

Customize the quick settings

The quick settings are very practical, especially when they contain the settings you use the most and find the most useful. To modify them:

  • Pull down the notification bar by swiping from the top down
  • Tap on the button at the top right corner
  • Tap on the crayon on the top right
  • Reorganize the icons by sliding them around
androidpit adapt quick settings
Quick Settings are great, especially when they cater to your exact needs, like with the Note 3. © AndroidPIT

And finally, searching through settings

If you haven't found what you were looking for in this list, then you can simply search! The search bar is found right on the top of the settings menu.