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My Top 5 First (and Third) Person Shooter Games For Android

Eric McBride


Ok. I'm sorry guys, but before I start, I have to point out that everytime I look at the picture of the kid above, I literally come close to urinating myself. So now that I've got that out of the way, it's time for another top 5 list! A lot of us in the office really enjoy playing games, and whether it's Xbox360, PS3, or old school classics, I personally have always been and always will be a gamer at heart. Luckily for me...er..I mean us..., Android games for phones and tablets are getting better and better by the month, and with so many games on Google Play to choose from, it can be really hard finding the premium titles. Lately I've been on a first person and third person shooter streak on my Galaxy Nexus and Transformer Prime, so I thought I would share my top 5 favorite Android first and third person shooters (in no particular order).

Before I get to the list, I think it's only fair to point out that any game I list is one I have bought and play (or played) on a regular basis. I don't think these games are great because I have read or heard about them, but because I have played them myself and personally think they're awesome. Some of these titles are paid ones, but the little bit of money you'll pay for them is certainly well worth it. With that being said, here are my top 5 picks of first person and third person shooters for Android.

Dead Space
Category: 3rd Person Shooter
Price: €5.58 (around $6.90)
Game Video: Here

I loved it on consoles, and I love it on Android. Dead Space isn’t a new title, but it’s still one of the best damn 3rd person shooters I have played on Android. It runs great on my phone and tablet, and even gave me a few jumps when playing it. I won’t give away too much of the plot, but I will say that this 3rd person shooter is damn scary, offers console quality graphics, and is completely worth the $$$. Tip: If you have a tablet, play it with a gamepad for an even more insane experience. I use an Xbox360 controller with mine (via the wireless controller PC addon) and actually forget that I’m playing on a mobile device.

Mass Effect Infiltrator (Tegra 3 version available)
Category: 3rd Person Shooter
Price: €5.58 (around $6.90)
Game Video: Here

While many might consider Mass Effect more of an RPG, I consider it a third person sci-fi shooter with RPG elements, and the Android version delivers really well on this new title. Graphically, it’s NUTS, especially if you can play it on a Tegra 3 device (there are ways to get it working great on Tegra 3). The story is great, the action is insane, and don’t expect to finish this one in an hour or 2. Again, play it with a gamepad if you can, as it makes the experience so much sweeter.

Shadowgun (Tegra 3 version available)
Category: 3rd Person Shooter
Price: €1.89 (around $2.33 limited sale price!)
Game Video: Here

To put it simply, this is one of the best looking games I have ever seen on Android. The story isn't as strong as what you would see in Dead Space, but it more than makes up for it once you get in the action! There's also additional content available for the game, and this is one sci fi shooter you won't wanna miss. Playing this one, as with the previous 2, is totally fine via your phone or tablet's touch screen controls, but it's so much sweeeter if you have the option of using a gamepad. 

Modern Combat 3
Category: 1st Person Shooter
Price: €5.49 (around $6.79)
Game Video: Here

The closest thing you will get to Call of Duty on your phone or tablet. This first person shooters 3rd installment is a blast to play, and features multiplayer to get your friends involved. This game didn't run so well on my dual core device, but on my quad core tablet (after using a few workarounds) I got it working really well. Really awesome if you have a few friends with high end devices! Tip: Play this one with a gamepad OR with a mouse & keyboard if you have a docking station/keyboard for your device. 

Brothers in Arms
Category: 1st Person Shooter
Price: FREE
Game Video: Here

The only free title of the 5 I've mentioned, but in all honesty, I get the most fun out of this one. The graphics aren't as insane as Mass Effect or Dead Space, but they are still very very impressive. This title reminds me of the original Call of Duty release, and is a WW2 shooter that has a great story, solid controls, and a really nice presentation. It's a game I come back to often, despite having finished it a long time ago. 

So that's it guys! Those are the shooters I like the most. And for anyone interested in playing with a gamepad or a mouse and keyboard, be sure to grab USB/BT Joystick Center 6 from the market. It makes it soooooo much easier. 

Have fun, and happy shooting! 

Picture credits: Google Play Store


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  • PatPion Jun 1, 2012 Link

    ShadowGun is AWESOME! I have stayed away from Dead Space and Mass Effect, partly because of the price, but partly because I'm a huge fan of the PC games, and didn't want it to spoil it for me. :-) Guess I should give it a try.

  • Eric McBride Jun 1, 2012 Link

    It really is! But get Dead Space and Mass Effect bro. You WONT regret it!

  • josefelipe Jun 3, 2012 Link

    que feio nao tem para android galax 5 e o meu dispositivo so da pra baixar jogo merda menos o gta 3