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This Week's Top Free Games in the Play Store

Authored by: Christiane Scherch — Aug 2, 2013

Fresh meat for the gamers amongst you: it's Friday and we've got the summary of the best games released from the Google Play Store in recent days. And the best part this week: all of our favorite five games are totally free! That's got to be a great start to the weekend. Get amongst 'em!

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© AndroidPIT


Yet another iOS classic has made it to the Android platform. With Blastron you find yourself in a fiercely competitive world of robots in a Worms-style shooter. You can tackle single player or multiplayer online modes – it's important to note though that you have to play while online. In this game, it's not just about the arms race, but also about fine tuning. For those who want to have a particularly efficient killer robot, you can try out many different combinations in the craft room.

Cuddly and evil: small, very angry robots. / © AndroidPIT

Of course there are also all kinds of weapons you can unlock and buy, there's tons of ways to demolish your opponents including flinging elephants, chainsaws and more. The game offers wonderful comic irony, humor and a whole lot of robots makes the multiplayer mode really fun with different strong opponents. I find the control a bit slow, but you can't have it all.

Jump Racer

Fans of racing games are supplied with new offerings in the Google Play Store almost weekly, and so it stands this week. With Jump Racer you can not only take in a couple of nice tracks in your race to the finish line, but you can also take to the skies. There is a beautiful 3D environment and a great multiplayer mode too.

Get your boost on and blast over those jumps. At least for a while.  / © AndroidPIT

I liked the game quite a lot, although I must admit that one has little to do here except accelerate. Once you've used up all your Boost, there's not much to do but wait until you're powered up again. In this game you don't even have to steer - so there's no worry about missing the ramp: you're guaranteed to meet the ramp, you just have to decide when to boost. More for the kids I think.

Defense Technica

Defense Technica is a new 3D tower defense game on your smartphone. Try to set up your towers strategically to stop enemies from getting through to your main tower and destroy the core. In order to better deflect your opponents, the paths on the map move! If you manage to destroy the invaders you can then collect the leftover raw materials and use it to build your towers.

tower defense
A great twist on tower defense games, you can even set the weather conditions. / © AndroidPIT

The game brings great graphics with exciting background music that makes it really damn addictive. In addition to the defense mode, there are many more functions that can be gradually unlocked in the game. This game is definitely worth a download.

The Hive

The Hive is a beautifully designed puzzle game that is suitable for two to play on one device. You receive various hexagonal pieces with insects on them place these tiles on a playing field. The goal is to capture the queen bee by encircling her in enemy insects! Whoever does so first wins. Stag beetles, grasshoppers and other insects have special properties that can positively affect positions in your game. The app provides a comprehensive manual, in which everything is described in detail.

Elegant design and easy operation. What more could you want? Oh yeah, it's free, too.  / © AndroidPIT

There is also a multiplayer mode available. Here you can compete against other Hive gamers online. So far for me, no match has been found yet, because the app has only just been released and is still waiting for more users. A puzzle mode is also included however. Here is a brain-teaser: you must train on a pre-defined board and with only one move defeat the enemy that way. Overall, a nice concept, but it will take a little more time to uncover all the depths of the game as more players join in.

Tesla Punk

Tesla Punk is a classic shooter game where you’re equipped with a space ship navigating through various galaxies and shooting down all kinds of spaceships and rockets along the way. Before getting into your own firefight that is. After a first test, I have to say it is not so easy, but it is incredibly fun. The great dark retro look is really what makes the game and the awesome space soundtrack brings the right mood. There are also lots of power-ups that will help you progress faster.

Fly, fly, fly...shoot, shoot, shoot... / © AndroidPIT

You can also connect the app with Facebook and fight your way to the top in a global leader board. There is also an arcade and a survival mode - both in their own way providing appealing gameplay. Each level has a completely new environment that motivates me to continue playing. Highly recommended.

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Christiane has been an avid Android user since its first hour of existence. Before she started writing for AndroidPIT, she was working on completing her BA in German philology and spent many semesters learning Korean. In her free time, she practices archery in Brandenburg's wilderness.

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