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Toss It: Preview

Yan Matusevich

Please don't let the game's title mislead you. Don't worry; you won't have to throw your beloved Android phone out the window or against the wall while playing "Toss It":) Although rotten apples and Windows Mobile devices also make good throwing ammunition, " Toss It: Preview" is about tossing crumpled paper into a garbage bin. The game's basic motto is "as simple as it gets!"

3 ★★★☆☆


Tested version Latest version
1.3.3 1.9

Features & Use

All of history's great inventions came about as a result of human laziness. We got tired of lighting a fire everyday and came up with electricity. We drive cars because we're too lazy to walk and we're addicted to the Internet because writing with pen and paper is too exhausting. Tossing crumpled paper into a trash bin is the next great invention born out of boredom. I'm sure that all of you have tried improving your tossing score on a slow day at the office. I am also guilty of sitting back in my chair and trying a couple of three-pointers from way out, instead of walking all the way to the trash bin across the room.

Toss It offers you two different levels: "TV Room” and "Graffiti Office". "TV Room” is more for beginners, whereas the "Graffiti Office" can be a bit of challenge with the trash can being farther away. You earn a point for every wad of paper that lands in the bin. This isn't as easy as it may sound. A fan in the corner redirects the trajectory of your throw based on how strong it's blowing. Before every toss, you need to factor in the fan's wind speed to perfect your aim.

Your highscore and your current amount of points are displayed live during game play. You can also upload your highscore to compare it to all the other Toss It addicts out there. You'll need a lot of practice to make it to the top of the highscore chart. If you don’t share your score via the "Submit Score" option, your high score gets deleted. Unfortunately, you can't save your high scores locally onto your phone.

All the background sounds, including the fan and the paper hitting the trash can's rim, are very well-done and add charm to this relaxing game. You can always turn off the sound on your start screen if you happen to be in the middle of a lecture or at the doctor's office.

Besides the sound, you also have the option of deactivating vibration and the wind speed display.

Bottom Line:

I have to admit that the two levels included in the preview version are a bit dull. Toss: It Preview is still a great way to kill off time. With its cool sounds and sweet graphics, this game is a perfect way to waste time.

Screen & Controls

The game's controls are unbelievably easy. All you have to do is flick the paper ball in the right direction with your finger. Make sure to control the strength of your toss as well as the fan's wind speed and direction.

Pressing the menu button directs you to the menu screen where you can share your high score and take a look at the "Top Score". Going to settings redirects you to the start screen options.

The game's design is a must-see! The graphics are realistic and done with a attention to detail. Great stuff!

Speed & Stability

Both speed and stability are good. I didn't experience a single crash, but the game did stall a couple of times. No big deal, though.

Price/Performance Ratio

Toss It: Preview can be downloaded for free from the Market.


Toss It: Preview Toss It: Preview Toss It: Preview Toss It: Preview

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