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True or False Online: rapid-fire trivia game

Kris Carlon

The massive success last year of simple word play games, trivia games and logo/picture games sparked a mini-game revolution and spawned endless copies of the popular titles. You may already know the ''original'' True or False, well, today we have for you True or False Online. How it stacks up to other similar titles you will find out in today's app review.

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3 ★★★☆☆


  • Simple, addictive gameplay
  • Super fast
  • Stable
  • Boring interface
  • Not many players
Tested on Android Version Root Modifications Tested version Latest version
Google Nexus 5 4.4.2 Yes CM 11 (M6) 1.0 1.2

Features & Use

Getting started is super simple. You will automatically have a profile set up that you can then edit or you can just jump right in and play immediately. Strangely, when you try to edit your profile you don't have access to all of the elements in your profile though, so I was able to set a username and password, but the option for avatar was set to no, with no option to say yes or upload a picture. Also, my country was set (accurately) to Australia even though I have no idea how: my device was bought and is used in Germany and it is set to American English and so on.

AndroidPIT True Or False 2
You will get a proile set up automatically, but your editing options are limited. / © AndroidPIT/GameLike

Gameplay is easy though: you simply select which room you would like to play in (I had the option of three). There's limited players online though, which causes a bit of an issue if you're trying to diversify or just keep getting beaten by the same people. For example, when I tired of playing the same people repeatedly, I tried to switch to another of the available rooms. The room I had been in only had 5 players (inluding me) in it and the other two rooms were empty. So I was faced with either playing the same opponents – who were either much better or much worse than me - or just giving up. Sadly, the lack of players of varied skill made the choice for me.

AndroidPIT True Or False 1
The main screen (left) and limited opponent options (right) / © AndroidPIT/GameLike

You can connect to Facebook, Twitter and VK and share your triumphs socially or via the built-in leaderboard. You will pretty quickly see a pop up invitation to play, or you can make your own once you've checked into a room and requested a match from a player. Sometimes you'll get a ''busy'' notification meaning they are in a game, but it never takes long to get a game going. You can choose your opponents based on their score, and then you simply have to read trivia qestions and answer with a true or false button before moving onto the next question. First one to ten wins. There's 3000 questions from a variety of different fields of knowledge.

AndroidPIT True Or False 3
The leaderboard shows you who's quickest on the draw, and you can select your opponent based on their track record. / © AndroidPIT/GameLike

Screen & Controls

When you first launch True or False Online, the app's main screen is pretty straightforward, if a little dated looking, with a simple banner at the top with your profile information, available rooms and social sign-ins. Beneath are the options to play, access the leaderboard or check out more games. There's more social options at the bottom.

AndroidPIT True Or False 4
It won't take long to get a match request, then you're into the thick of it! / © AndroidPIT/GameLike

The interface may be a little boring to look at, but once you're in the midst of a game everything comes into its own. You don't really need pretty decorations when you're trying to read and answer questions as fast as possible, and True or False wastes no time on prettying up the experience. Speed is of course the most important part of this game: being able to get the next question instantly and respond as quickly as possible is all-important. Lags would not be tolerable, and thankfully there are none. True or False Online is blazing fast and simple to use.

AndroidPIT True Or False 5
Exciting graphics are made up for by super fast speeds, but even with a lead you can still lose! / © AndroidPIT/GameLike

Speed & Stability

As mentioned, True or False is super fast and this is the main saving grace. I've played other True or False clones and laggy and glitchy behavior leads instantly to an uninstall. I didn't have any crashes either, so as far as gameplay, speed and stability go, True or False Online certainly makes up for its lack of an original idea and lackluster graphical presentation.

Price/Performance Ratio

True or False Online is free to install and play and there are no in-app purchases. You will see pop-up interstital ads every now and then but this is par for the course. You will of course need a constant internet conection to play, so if you're using data instead of Wi-Fi be advised there may be carrier fees if you get carried away!

Final Verdict

There are plenty of true or false games in the Play Store, so what makes this one any different? Not much, it certainly doesn't bring anything new to the table and it is far from the best looking game at the party, but what it lacks in inventiveness and visuals it makes up for in the areas that are actually important: speed, reliability and straight-up fun. If you're on the lookout for an alternative True or False, or simply want a good one to start with, then you could certainly do worse than True or False Online. You'll just need to bring along some friends to make it worthwhile! Still, it's a decent start with the right things in place, it just needs a bit of a makeover and some fine tuning.

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  • Manish Kumar 8 months ago Link

    kris Karlon Get a Life :P

    • User picture
      Loie Favre 8 months ago Link

      well that wasn't very nice.... didn't your mom ever tell you that if you don't have something nice to say don't say it all?

  • Anuloid Games 8 months ago Link

    Interface is a bit boring, design seems to be not fully. Not bad game, the trigger point is multiplayer mode.

    My Movie Quiz by Anuloid Games is much more better and user-friendly. Though for a single player only.

  • User picture
    Henrique Rocha 8 months ago Link

    I saw the screenshots before reading the review and the app looks so bad that I didn't even bothered reading it. It's amazing that people actually release apps like this!

  • Kenyon Figueroa 5 months ago Link

    ya ok

  • kirby hill 5 months ago Link

    game was actually fun but force closes when u win!!!uninstalled immediatly!

  • eman Suliman 5 months ago Link


  • User picture
    Anibal Camunas 2 months ago Link