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Weather,US Radar,Alerts,Quakes - Every Cataclysm In the Book

Yan Matusevich

Weather,US Radar,Alerts,Quakes – is the name of an actual app that can give literally provide you with forecasts for all of the above. But doesn’t that sound like a little much for just one app? Don’t worry because according to the app’s description its developers have put in a lot of effort into it.

Find out how this app scores in today’s review!


4 ★★★★


Tested version Latest version
3.5.4 5.4.9

Features & Use

Weather,US Radar,Alerts,Quakes” starts working as soon as you open it. Before you know it the app is using your current location to download the latest weather information from Just a few seconds later an analog clock with a weather symbol appears on the screen.

If you take a closer look at the clock you’ll notice the following: in the middle of the clock you’ll see the current temperature, the current weather in words, a barometer, the date, the time in numbers and a T°C sym bol.

The T°C symbol indicates that the current temperature is displayed in Celsius. Clicking the symbol opens up a small umbrella that displays the chances of precipitation instead of the temperature. Tap the symbol yet again and you’ll see the current wind speed.

And that just about sums it up for the app’s main features: weather, barometer and time. Within the app it is possible to switch between these features by swiping. To the right from the clock, you’ll find a 10 day forecast as well as a barometer with the current date.

There are several tools at your disposal to help you figure out what the weather is like at any given moment. In the 10 day forecast you can also today’s current weather in the top section of the screen.

In the same graph you’ll find the high and low temperatures, the wind direction and speed, moon cycle, precipitation as well as a graphic display of the weather.

In the next window there is a chart with all of the current weather information such as barometric pressure, wind, temperature etc. So those are all of the displays in a nutshell.

But don’t look away just yet because the app can do much more! By scrolling up and down you can switch between multiple cities. You just have to make sure and create list of your favorite cities by going to Menu  More. Adding a city can be done either manually, via GPS or using your zip code.

For every city you can select to get your weather from the following services: or Personally, I didn’t notice any difference between the two.

In the menu you’ll find what else the app is capable of.

In Alerts you can set up warnings for extreme weather conditions in your area.

With the Earthquake feature you can check out earthquakes in your vicinity on a map.

The settings are just as comprehensive as all the features listed above. In addition to being able to adjust every measuring unit, the update intervals and the look of the weather symbol – you can also adjust the widgets and notifications.

With these notifications you can receive the latest weather information directly in your status bar.

Finally, there are also settings for your radar which can adjust the cloud animation. So what exactly does it show? Well, the radar displays the current cloud conditions overlaid onto Google Maps albeit the function only works in the US. So you can only enjoy this view of the clouds if you happen to be in the States (or have an American city in your favorites).

Bottom Line:

Weather, US Radar, Alerts, Quakes is an extremely thorough and comprehensive app, which includes just about everything you could ever want from a weather app. All of this important information can also be accessed via widgets and the notification bar.


Screen & Controls

Weather,US Radar,Alerts,Quakes is very easy to use using a system of vertical and horizontal swipes.

The graphic elements are also nice and can be switched in and out using the settings.



Speed & Stability

Both the stability and speed of the Weather,US Radar,Alerts,Quakes app is impressive. There were no crashes and the transition between all of the menus is very smooth.


Price/Performance Ratio

The Weather,US Radar,Alerts,Quakes app is available from the AndroidPIT App Center for €2.11. That's a fair price given the breadth of functions available with the app. 



Weather,US Radar,Alerts,Quakes - Every Cataclysm In the Book Weather,US Radar,Alerts,Quakes - Every Cataclysm In the Book Weather,US Radar,Alerts,Quakes - Every Cataclysm In the Book Weather,US Radar,Alerts,Quakes - Every Cataclysm In the Book Weather,US Radar,Alerts,Quakes - Every Cataclysm In the Book

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