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X-Physics FREE: Be nimble in a game with real physics

Loie Favre

Physics-based games are very popular and it’s no wonder! Needing to calculate various objects all at once makes every time you play different. You are required to be more on the ball with these types than with ‘normal’ games. Today we take a look at one of these called X -Physics FREE and in our app test review we will see how well it does the trick.

X Physics Header
© AndroidPIT
4 ★★★★


  • Entertaining
  • Many solution possibilities
  • Physics Engine
  • Diverse
  • Sometimes many tries required to complete a level
  • Ads after every level
  • Could load quicker at times
Tested on Android Version Root Modifications Tested version Latest version
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 4.1.2 Yes Perseus Kernel 1.2.8 Varies with device

Features & Use

Plainly put, the red ball must attain the goal. That’s how easy it is to describe X -Physics FREE ! But getting there is much more difficult. In each level, there are items which you use to guide the red ball to the finish. In the beginning, the boards are mainly made of wood, and later, more things are included like switches, motors, scales and much more which you’ll need to properly combine. There is no clear ‘right’ way, but usually there is one easy method to solve a level. Nevertheless, there are many combinations that perhaps no other player has ever tried which works just as well. And that’s the great thing about a game with a physics engine: there are always small variations of the correct solution and many different approaches.

X Physics Banner001
The beginning is really easy...© AndroidPIT

X -Physics FREE wasn’t the first game of this genre. The classic ones are called Crazy Machines and Apparatus, both of which have been around for a long time on Android. You can't always reinvent the wheel, it’s important not to copy the competition. X -Physics FREE has managed to make something original. It’s similar to the game Apparatus, but has its own unique style. With around 70 different objects and nearly 100 levels, it’s obvious that a lot of effort went into X -Physics! There are 12 levels in the free version and you have to unlock the rest with coins which you accumulate when you install other apps or view trailers.

X Physics Banner002
....but it gets a lot harder as you go along. © AndroidPIT

The difficulty varies depending on the level and player. Some levels I was able to solve immediately, others had me thinking for much longer. You also have to play around a little every now and then until it works the way you want it to. Just don’t give up! All in all, the levels are often challenging, but never unfair. It requires thought, which is a nice change from some other games. The 12 levels were able to entertain me for quite some time and I’ve even given some thought into buying the paid version.

Screen & Controls

X -Physics FREE was made ​​with the unity engine, which is often seen in many usually quite graphically impressive Android games. And X -Physics FREE looks good! All objects are fully three dimensional and perfectly implemented. The operation is very simple: once you have tapped on a object, you can rotate, move or change its size. What I found to be annoying when using the Galaxy Note 2 was the significantly small sized indicators for level and game time found on the bottom side of the screen, which were difficult to read, something I really noticed during the tutorial.

Speed & Stability

There were no stability problems or even crashes during the test period. The loading times could perhaps be somewhat shorter, though this isn’t a very noticeable element. Otherwise X Physics FREE runs smoothly and without problems.

Price/Performance Ratio

X -Physics FREE is free in the AndroidPIT App Center and is available in Google Play. There are 12 levels to play, the rest can be earned by coins obtained through promotional offers. If you like the game, I recommend the full version which at 2.66 USD is a fair price. When purchasing the app, you won’t see anymore ads after each level.

Final Verdict

The concept isn’t really new, but well made, challenging and entertaining. The X -Physics FREE is a very good physics-based puzzle game and which I can highly recommend. For those who like games of this type, X -Physics will definitely be fun! Beginners will enjoy an extensive tutorial which will prepares you for the actual game.

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