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Verizon Posts Record Revenue Growth Spurred By Android

For the first time, Android has topped iPhone sales at Verizon. The carrier sold 2.7 million iPhones in the second quarter- down 16% sequantially and far below estimates – and 2.9 million Android devices.

Verizon revenues grew 7.8% to reach $15.8 billion this past quarter, spurred along, no doubt, by the ballooning use of smartphones on the network. Smartphones now make up 50 percent of all postpaid devices on Verizon. Even more incredible is the killing Verizon is making on data. Over $6.9 billion of their revenue has been generated by data sales.That's over $1 billion more data sold than last year.

Verizon introduced new shared data plans in late June, which allow customers to pay for a pool of wireless data and share it across multiple smartphones, tablets and laptops. The new plans were initially criticized for making data even more expensive on the network, although they may help families who already spend a lot for data, text and phone service. 

AT&T quickly copied Verizon's shared data plans, as is what happens in most duopolies. It seems both companies aren't afraid of losing customers, no matter how expensive their services become. 

Source: New York Times


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  • I believe a percentage of the increase in Android Smart Phone revenue from Verizon Wireless has been from selling the Galaxy Samsung III, the HTC Rezound & the HTC Droid Incredible 4G lte (both immediately Ice Cream Sandwich ready without waiting for an updated download - yet the HTC Droid Incredible 4G lte hasn't been confirmed for a Jelly Bean update) ....

    I know for a fact the rest of the percentage in profit comes from how much you're now being charged (or will be when you update your Android Smart Phone) since I've seen my bill go up from last year. I am not a fan of this new plan (its not a benefit for a single person) & it may drive me to leave Verizon for T-Mobile (with their HTC One S on sale for $99.99 - its a little larger & thinner then the HTC Droid Incredible 4G lte - I may have to tell Verizon "adios pendejos!") ...

  • Only difference is At&t will not make you give up your grandfathered unlimited data plan to upgrade.

  • it sucks no more unlimited data i cant use my phone like before when i used to connect my xbox my laptop and my son's ipod to my phone internet :(